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How to Lose Weight Using Your Mind


How to Lose Weight Using Your Mind: There’s more to weight loss than simply eating less and exercising. Those are essential, but unless you address the root cause of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, you will be stuck in

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Five Foods That Burn Fat Fast


If there’s one goal that unites every dieter… it’s to burn extra calories without extra effort. Is that even possible? Surprisingly, YES. And the secret is found right THERE in your kitchen. Today I’m going to tell you about five foods

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The Cheapest Weight Loss Ingredient

Little question

There was this study performed by Brenda Davey of Virginia Tech University which finally shown what many people might have been thinking for year. Yeah, there is essentially a free ingredient that can accelerate fat loss which surprisingly has tremendous

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Recipe: Nigeria Couscous

Couscous vegetables

Couscous is a native Arab dish, made of semolina (tiny granules of durum wheat) which is cooked by steaming. It can be served with a meat or vegetable stew. It is a very healthy meal to indulge in even for

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Can’t Do Without Sugar.

Sugar fat

If you are serious and committed about burning fat and losing some weight, then you must quit consuming sugar. Is a sacrifice and must take action. There are various scientific researches and studies that show that sugar contributes to weight

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Recipe: How to prepare Chicken stock

chicken stock

Chicken stock is the liquid extract gotten from cooking Chicken (With bones and all its allies) plus Herbs, spices and other ingredients. Prep and cook time: 1 hr 10 minutes. Ingredients: *1 whole chicken *2 red or yellow scotch bonnet

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Is it OK to eat apple seeds?


Are you thinking whether is it ok to eat apple seeds? Well, i don’t recommend eating apple seeds, and it is not because a tree will grow in your stomach! Apple seeds, like many fruit seeds, contain compounds called cyanogenic glycosides, such as

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Recipes: Garlic, Lime, Ginger drink

Healthy drink.

Natural drinks or beverages are the best form of drinks to indulge in for our body system. They are handy and homemade. You have optimum confidence in it because you are the maker. They are made from fresh and organic

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Couscous-A healthy and weight loss meal

Couscous vegetables

Couscous is a native Arab dish, made of semolina (tiny granules of durum wheat) which is cooked by steaming. It can served with a meat or vegetable stew. Couscous is a staple food throughout the North African cuisines of Morocco,

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