How Ann Cameron Cured Cancer with Carrot juice

It all started with her husband, battling with lung cancer which he finally dies in 2008. Before he died, he tried chemotherapy, radiation, and other things, but they were fruitless.

On the 6th of June, 2012, Ann Cameron was diagnosed with a Stage 4 colon cancer and by November 6th that same year, cancer had spread to her lung. In these, she never believes in the advice and recommendation of her Oncologist because of the bad experiences her husband went through.

She declined all the chemotherapy and other related treatment. Instead, she started investigating; reading everything she could lay her eyes on through the internet to offline about alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation.

The discovery

In the process of her investigation, she discovered Ralph Cole story: how he used carrot juice to get rid of small squamous cell cancers on his neck. He does this by drinking five pounds (2.3 liters) of carrots daily. By November 17, 2012; she started drinking carrot juice too; drinking the same quantity as Ralph.

The First observation

By November 27 (exactly 10 days after she kick-start the carrot juice daily dosage), she went for a CT scan and the findings revealed that, there are the presence of spots, swollen lymph nodules, and two small tumors in enlarged lymph nodes between the lungs,  each about an inch long by 1/4 inch diameter.

No sign of development!

Despite this, she remains committed to her carrot juice therapy because she doesn’t want chemotherapy with it side effects.

First development

On January 7th (after 8 weeks of the carrot juice therapy), she had another scan and it result shows:

  • No further growth & spread of cancer to other internal parts of her body,
  • There were some shrinkage in the tumors itself, and finally,
  • There were fewer swollen lymph nodes.

The most striking development is the stoppage of tumor growth.

This striking development strengthened Ann Cameron faith to stick to her carrot juice therapy.

For the next 6 months, she continues drinking her carrot juice (2.3 liters per day). She made used of Omega Juicer at the start which can only produce a quart (about 4.7 liters). Due to her traveling schedule, she changed to Champion Juicer which was able to produce a quart and a third of the same amount of carrots. She usually prepared her juice once a day especially in the morning, drink some and refrigerate the rest.

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Second development

By the end of March 2013, another scan was done and it results showed that:

  • There was no growth of cancer,
  • No new cancer was developing,
  • No swollen lymph nodes, and finally,
  • There is a further shrinkage of the tumors.

Third development

By July 30th, 2013, another CT scan shows no evidence of cancer and on Thursday, August 1st, 2013, she was formally given the results: “No evidence of cancer.”

She is absolutely free of deadly cancer which has made her lose her husband. The swollen cancerous lymph nodes had returned to its normal size and stable.  She affirms to her oncologist about the carrot juice therapy and the oncologist affirms carrot juice contains some natural substances that are effective against cancer, but because it presently lacks scientific evidence and facts, she didn’t recommend it.

Ann Cameron; who is a kid novelist, believes if the carrots work, one might continue postponing chemo as long as the carrots continue to arrest cancer and, one hopes, eventually eliminate it entirely.”

This is exactly her story to fight cancer. She suggests more research and financial support for the study.

With Ann Cameron story, I believe this will further strengthen your mind and determination to healthy eating and lifestyle.

Ann Cameron has co-written a book: Curing Cancer with Carrots, where she share her recipes and experiences.

Image credit: chrisbeatcancer

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