How You Can Lose Weight with Carbohydrate Food

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In Nigeria, most of the popular delicacies are filled with carbohydrate, also tag carbs.

Is it the different type of rice, like the ever-popular jollof rice, to garri, fufu, iyan and amala (pudding foods made from cassava and yam), yam porridge, tuwo shinkafa (a pudding food made from rice) and pasta?

The list is endless… and these are foods an average Nigerian eat and some add it with soda drinks like coke or juice instead of water. I observed this act a lot especially when I visit public eatery to get lunch. Perhaps, some do it as a sign of high status but I order sachet or bottled water.

Imagine, if you’re eating like this for 5 or 7 days, 30 days a month, and 365 days a year, what will the consequence be?

Carbs are in high calories especially the average food I listed above. A cup of white rice, which is the major type of rice you eat and a lot of people still consume is 675 calories.

Assume half cup was consumed, that is about 337 calories, with an extra beef stew or chicken of about 190 calories makes up 527 calories. The soda drink gives you 142 calories.

In total, you’re having 669 calories for lunch alone.

And afterward, your lifestyle lacks an active life. You sit and watch TV, sit in the office and attend to some jobs. You literally don’t take a walk or move your body to burn the excess calories you might be generating.

This is what will be culminating into fat, and genetic tendency makes it easier to occur.

When you eat food high in carbs and calories, you’ll be giving insulin more jobs to perform; which entails absorption of the blood sugar that was broken down from the carbs. Insulin regulates and distributes sugar across your body to make it function properly by providing energy to the cells. Every part of your body composes of cells.

But in a situation, whereby the blood sugar production is high beyond normal and what insulin can handle, it will be unable to process this further and that’s when it starts storing them as fat and this is what for instance, degenerate into heart diseases where fat will be building up around your arteries and other vital organs; like diabetes and even cancer.

With the high blood sugar in your body which you might not know, if you’re very active, exercising daily, perhaps morning and evening before you hit the bed, you’ll be increasing your body metabolism because your activeness will be building muscles or strengthen it and in that process, the stored fat will start burning.

In other words, you might still be eating such a kind of food like the 635 calories food example, but with an active lifestyle like walking activities which student do at school, factory supervisors and workers doing their job; or you’re exercising regularly, you might maintain a healthy weight and not add much.

Nevertheless, it’s advisable you cultivate the habit of eating healthy because your life is dynamic. If you want to lose weight, you can’t avoid carbs absolutely in your food. Every food contains some amount of carbs.

You need it for energy but you’ve to stick to low carbs foods, carbs that have low glycemic index GI.

Some of the Nigeria carbs you can eat to lose weight are brown rice, oatmeal, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet corn, mushrooms, whole wheat and food developed from it such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta; unripe plantain and its flour, apples, and kinds of vegetables.

Cassava as a major food in Nigeria and relatively in Sub-Sahara has been discovered to be a healthier choice for weight loss most especially if it has been well processed by removing the toxic substance called hydrogen cyanide which can be observed through a sweet taste.

Cassava has glycemic index of 46, which falls into low scale; meaning it digests slowly and won’t cause great rise in blood sugar and it glycemic load is 12.42, which is at a medium level but it lacks necessary fiber, vitamins, and minerals which make it a balanced meal when eaten with a rich vegetable soup.

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Remember, the quantity of your garri (a pudding food made of cassava) is important. The size of your fist or a few less is better with good amount vegetable soup or sauce. The same goes for yam. Yam has a low scale of the glycemic index of 54 with a middle scale glycemic load of 20.

In conclusion, to lose weight with carb food, it’s better you go for those low carb food mentions above such as brown rice, wheat flour, unripe plantain flour and etc.


Wheat flour


1 cup wheat

A sealable container for storage

Dry coffee grinder/blender


1. Add 1 cup of wheat into the dry grinder. The higher the power, the faster it will grind well into flour. Use your fingers to feel if well grinded.

2. Store in a dry container or nylon bag and use it as your weight loss swallow food. This is a better option other carbs like cassava or pounded yam or yam flour.

3. Eat with your favorite fat loss vegetable soup.

Besides, what do you think?

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