Video: How to Perform Cross Training for Weight Loss

Eating the right food with portion control is not the only solution to weight loss or getting a flat belly.

You have to be active by moving your body and sweating it out. There are many physical exercises for weight loss and one of the best is cross training.

Cross training is a physical exercise that involves alternating and combining two or more kind of exercises for proper fitness, to build muscles that ultimately will boost your metabolism.

It can be done on moderate intensity of 30 minutes

In the video below, watch how cross training should be performed for the purpose of weight loss. The exercise involves squats, burpees, and hovers.


Bodyweight squats involve workout around your hips, quads, and hamstring.

The process revolves around placing weight on your heels; the body will be lower to hips/knee-height with knees behind toes, a chest will up and abs braced.



This is a fitness exercise that involves the combination of squat, push-up and complete lift. Hips will down, with feet being strength back as far as possible like in a push-up state and there will complete lift up to the air.


This is like plank where you will maintain push-up like state for about 30 seconds to 3 minutes. You lie on the floor and keep the upper body up throughout the entire time and your abs will be braced.

You can perform cross training with your spouse, lover, and friends.

You can do it alone as well.

Ensure you give it a TODAY and importantly, watch the video for better understanding.




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