5 Steps to drop 10 kg in 4 weeks


You want to drop 10 kg of weight in 4 weeks seriously, 😎 😎 then, you’ve to be ready to put in the work.

It’s fun to do … don’t feel scared or worry.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll feel inspired to start implementing your diet and exercise plan right away.

Are you ready?

If one of your goals this year is to lose excess unhealthy weight or fat belly, you’ve to be prepared and make it happen.


By following these steps I’m about to share with you.

They’re simple and easy to do.

Step 1:  Write down your goal.

I don’t know you and you understand yourself better.

Think about the goals you’ve achieved, maybe, buying that dress, going on that vacation or paying a surprise visit to a family or friend.

How did you achieve them?

Even if you don’t write them on paper as something to do, they must’ve been glued to your heart like water you can’t avoid drinking in a day.

You feel thirsty and your brain, well programmed in regards to what to do next when thirsty, is to drink water.

That’s exactly how you should visualize your fat loss goal this year.

Scientific research has confirmed that when you clearly write down your goal … “oh, I’m going to drop 10 kg in 30 days”, you’re likely to commit to it fulfillment than not writing anything.

Is like the water which has been programmed to your brain to drink, whenever you feel thirsty.

When you write down your goal on paper or cardboard and fix it somewhere visible, maybe your wall bed or the mirror you look every morning while brushing your teeth.

Somewhere you can view and read it every day to even multiple times per day, you’re programming your brain and mind to take action.

You’ll start thinking about it every day, gradually at your own pace and freedom, and start planning what next line of actions to take in order to achieve it.

In addition, you can add an image of someone you like his or her current body, perhaps he or she was overweight before, and paste it along with your goal.

This has also been studied to further build your mental psyche and picture, thereby always motivating you to take that action.

So, the first step to losing 10 kg in 4 weeks is to write it down.

* I want to lose 10kg in 4 weeks *

Step 2: Enroll in the coaching program.

Now you want carefully defined actions and effective strategies that will help you accomplish your goal.

Literally, what you need is knowledge, the wherewithal and someone to navigate you seamlessly without troubleshooting further or wasting your invaluable time.

You need a weight loss solution and I eat & drink has different products and services to serve you, help you accomplish your weight loss goal faster and better.

In addition, you can read through many free resources, jot the lessons learned, develop careful strategies from them and start implementing right away.

Step 3: You’ve to do both.

What do I mean here?

If you truly want to drop 10 kg in 4 weeks, you can’t rely on food alone and expect to achieve the result you crave.

No, it might not materialize.

The way and how you eat is important.

When you change your diet into something better and follow it, you’ll definitely see the result.

But that’s not everybody and who knows, including you as well.

You’re unique, likewise everyone else around you.

Many people aren’t achieving their goal or they’re slow at reaching result because they stick to the diet alone.

And this involves prepping, eating a healthy meal with the right quantity at the right time but they aren’t exercising.

Perhaps, they’re but aren’t enough or properly perform the right way.

So, you’ve to incorporate exercise into your weight loss goal plan and daily schedule.

If you stick with diet only, you’ll be losing water, a little fat and perhaps, a bit of muscle and this can slow down your metabolism in the long-term where your weight will start adding up again and even faster.

Thus, both diet and exercise plan go hand-in-hand and I eat & drink will be of service to coach you till goal fulfillment.

So, they’re together like switching of day and night.

Don’t dwell with excuses like your 9 to 5 work is hindering you or you’re always on the road (traveling).

You’ve got the time and there’re exercises you can perform without the gym.

This scenario is true especially for weight loss compared to someone who is lean and working to add muscle; such fellow must embrace gym for proper bodybuilding.

So, you’ve got the time and can always create time.

It’s not necessarily or compulsory you implement your full exercise plan.

And you can start small and progress gradually.

Many of the exercises in weight loss made simple require no equipment other than your genuine interest to make things work, your determination and consistency to finish it up and always make it happen.

In summary, to achieve an effective and better result dropping 10kg in 4 weeks, you’ve to practice both eating a healthy meal and exercising.

Step 4: Conquer and control your sugar and carbs.

I guess this is going to be a big issue.

Not only you but I and many people as well. We all went through it and we conquered and you can do the same.

Though it might seem hard but it’s important you exercise control over your sugar and carbs intake.

I don’t mean raw table sugar alone, that one is a bigger enemy.the worst you should avoid to lose weight sugar

You need to run very far from it if you want to achieve your weight loss goal this year.

Not just sugar, foods that can increase your blood sugar level beyond normal such as carbohydrates food like white rice, eba, garri, fufu, amala, yoghurts, and all those foods and snacks made from refine polished white wheat flour such as white bread, cakes, pasta, spaghetti, noodles, puff-puff and etc.

Even drinks that have been highly processed, added to its problem and unhealthy composition for weight loss, they were made from highly processed carbs ingredients such as wheat or barley.

The reason some carbohydrates foods are bad is that they’re high in calories and their beneficial fiber content and nutrients have been stripped off during processing.

Therefore, they’ve been scientifically studied to cause a sudden rise in blood sugar level.

And this is what adds more fat to your body due to its excesses and especially if you’re gifted to be fat.

How carbs add excess fat to your body

It works this way.

When you eat carbohydrate food which give you energy (calories) to function properly and healthy, the food processor within your body works in such a way, when the energy battery is filled up, this causes your blood sugar level to rise from its leftover or excesses.

When this happens, it produces the hormone – insulin whose responsibility is to remove the excess sugar.

Insulin works in 2 ways. It can act as a good guy performing it responsibility and can later; it can change as a bad guy underperforming or doing nothing at all to help the situation.

This is the worst situation you’ve to avoid.

This is what I mean:

When the good guy insulin takes the excess sugar in your blood, converts it into glycogen, it stores it in your muscles and liver.

The glycogen can be likened to a mobile phone battery, the more you use your phone, the more energy will be consumed and demand to recharge as well.

So, you’ve to be eating at a level that stabilized your mobile phone battery, while it keeps delivering constant energy and it mustn’t go overboard.

If it went overboard with excess energy, it’s because of excess sugar.

So what happens if there is excess sugar?

The bad guy insulin act in this manner: once the glycogen is filled up, the excess sugar will be converted to fat and it starts building, piling up unevenly in your arms, belly, and thigh or evenly over your body depending on your genetic markup.

With all these descriptions about bad carbs and the effects, it had on your weight or belly fat …

You might be thinking, “What will I eat now”?

No problem!

I’ve categorized carbs into different strata.

Some are very bad as explained, is a no-go area when you’re working to lose weight.

Perhaps, after successful weight loss or flatten your belly, you can incorporate it back gradually into your meal plan with serious caution.

But we’ve some that are good for weight loss. They only require simple modification on your part while some are better and the best.

Some of the best are your vegetables.

You can fly with that to Mount Everest (my dream hiking).

These are tips you can implement right away to control and manage sugar and carbs.

1. Eat a smaller meal such as 5-6 meals.

I know this might appear tough with all the procedures and time involved, but if it’s 3 meals per day you can do, do it.

And what I mean by 5 to 6 meals aren’t necessarily food, they can be snacks or smoothie you might prep for the week and have on the go.

2. Always add protein to each meal.

This slows down the rate at which your blood sugar level might rise.

3. Eat more vegetables such as green leaves, cabbage, ugwu, okra, spinach and etc.

This helps slow down the digestion of carbs and boosts your metabolism which helps with weight loss.

Fast digestion like you should’ve understood now will create excess sugar and if the insulin decides to malfunction out of enormous processing, it converts the rest into fat and you don’t want that.

4. Don’t skip breakfast.

It stabilizes metabolism as well and helps you stick to the first tip by eating smaller portion evenly through the day.

5. This might be a tip and serve as a reminder to show seriousness.

Don’t indulge in foods that are high in a glycemic indexes such as white rice, pasta, and soda carbonated drinks and etc.

High glycemic index is foods that break down into simple sugar at a faster rate, mostly the bad carbs as some were listed above.

Step 5: Schedule your task

With your knowledge of the best strategies to drop 10 kg in 4 weeks, create tasks and schedule them based on importance and easiness.

You’ve got a meal and exercise plan.

How will you implement them? Create steps by step task.

a. Stock your kitchen with food. How will you do it?

List food stocks you can utilize for a month or week and fill your kitchen and home with them.

b. Meal prepping: Some will last for a week while others can be daily.

Be organized and plan ahead.

Start something and gradually, you build upon it and/or change things to suit your time and lifestyle.

c. Schedule your exercise and ensure you do it.

Allocate time to it. If its 30 minutes in the morning and evening before sleep you can do, great.

It’s something, even if 20 minutes.

Make sure you’re strict to time.

Who knows, as the journey goes, you might add more time to some days such as weekends and evening before sleep.

If it’s only 10 jumping jack and 10 burpees you can do with 3 sets in the evening or morning, do it.

Do it at your own pace, do something!

This is better than compelling yourself with something of great task that you can’t keep to its consistency.

Consistency and making it a routine is powerful.


If you want to lose 10 kg in 4 weeks, follow the steps well laid out above.

Summarily, they’re:

a. You must write down your goal.

This will motivate you to start thinking more about it before you know it, you’ve started planning and scheming and behold, you’re acting on the goal already.

b. Learn how to achieve your fat loss goal. I eat & drink has products and services to help you and fulfill your goal.

You can start your journey with us here.

c. You’ve to practice both diet and exercise plan.

They work together and it’s been proven to be a long-term effective strategy from experience.

d. Stay away from bad carbs, sugary foods, and drinks.

They’re your biggest enemy even to folks like me not gifted to be fat.

e. Be organized and plan everything well.

It’s not by working but being smart working and that requires planning.

The time you take to think cognitively and schedule tasks will reward you better and help you achieve your goal than doing nothing, more in a confused state.

There is time for everything and I believe you can’t trivialize what will give you long-term health and well-being.

That’s healthy eating and better fitness.

Share your thought, what do you think about this article?

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