Your Ultimate Guide to Weight loss, Flat-belly & Healthy eating

The Secret to Fat-Loss and Flat Belly for Nigerians

Get Ready to Learn and be Guided to

Lose Between 9 to 15 kg of fat within 29 days

and Have a trim belly


This is our world …

Where our social-economic and cultural lifestyle is changing with rapid industrialization and technology compared to what our forefathers left behind.

No more peasantry, as nearly everything is now commercial even to the water you drink daily.

The quest for survival is changing your lifestyle and it appears unnoticed.

No one cares to eat healthy anymore and aren’t serious about it.

No one cares to learn the proper healthy way of eating as our parent never taught us this healthy ritual like it was made compulsory and taught to brush your teeth before you eat.

The learning institutions from primary to tertiary are the same. Many don’t think it compulsory to inculcate nutrition and fitness into their pupils’ lifestyle.

You eat food to energize yourself and survive … .

You eat to LIVE

Right! This is common sense

Do you believe you could be eating and it’ll be affecting your health negatively?

Some eat and they feel weak to the extent, they can’t stand up.

Some eat and afterward, they feel like sleeping. .. .

As in dozing… and it’s breakfast

They had to summon the courage to move and get active for the day.


Some eat and they start growing big with fat, not beneficial muscle all over their body.

Some are concentrated in the chest to belly region which is even worse for their health.

They’re not eating to live.. …

The WORST case to bad eating habits, the result is not immediate.

It gradually build-up and develop that you won’t notice until medical checkup and doctor recommendation.

You don’t want this for yourself … .. Don’t wait till it gets worse before you seek treatment because it might be already late.

Some have built the mindset that fat is sexy and for the men, it’s a sign of higher status.

They’re inviting diseases that’ll unleash when their cup is full.

Clinical research has affirmed diseases such as high-blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, seizures, hormonal imbalance, cancer and excessive fat are the root of bad eating habits and lifestyle.


What you eat every day, how much you eat and how often you eat affect your health. This is the reason why you should take your fat loss and flat belly serious today.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle which will add value to your life and to the life of others through your contribution and decisions.

Introducing Fat Loss Breakthrough

Fat Loss Breakthrough is an online coaching program for fat loss and flat belly.

It’s backed by science and research which has been well-tested on our clients and the results have been amazing with clients happy and feel fulfill.

It’s well designed and packaged to solve your problem personally.

What will Fat Loss Breakthrough give you?

You’ll learn the tips and strategies for achieving fat loss, flat belly and ultimately getting a healthy weight.

You’ve access to 1-on-1 interactive chat with the instructors.

You’ll discover how important your mindsets can affect your fat loss goal. Everything in life starts within your heart and you must start with the right motive and mindsets.

Not only that, you’ll be enlightened on the wrong mindsets to avoid and right mindsets you should tolerate build over your life to succeed.

You’ll coach on Nigeria fat loss food, how to prepare them, serving and everything that goes with eating healthy and tasty Nigeria meal.

You’ll be guided how to create your own meal plan from these Nigeria foods.

Staying active is important for effective fat loss, you’ll be guided on a simple exercise you can do at home, without no tools or equipment. All you need is your towel and the exercises are few.

There will be proper monitoring and execution of your task; motivated towards optimal performance.

What’s inside Fat Loss Breakthrough

1. Over 50 fast and simple Nigerian food recipes with cookbook

2. 5+ different effective meal plans

3. Exercise videos that require no gym (home-based)

4. 1-1 live support system

All of them, instant access after payment confirmation.

Who are the instructors?

Folake Adelusi


Folake Adelusi is the founder of Excel Natural Wellness (ENW).

She is a healthy living ambassador with the passion for educating Africans about how to live healthily and prevent diseases through their diet and lifestyle.

She has a diploma in human nutrition and diet, and a BSc in Biochemistry.

As an African, being overweight is not a sign of good living but rather a misconception.

Maintaining an ideal weight with a well-shaped and fitted body does not only make you look and feel great but also affect your overall health positively by preventing you from developing life-threatening diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and others.

The only person that can stop us from achieving this aim is you, so make up your mind to make it happen.

We at ENW will give our 100% support for you to achieve your desired weight if only you cooperate with the coaches and follow the instructions on meal plan and exercise.

SIMPLE: meal plan and exercise.

Then ask questions:  I personally encourage you to be determined.

You can do it; you have the ability to do it. All you need to do is to make up your mind to do it.

If I can do it then you too can.

Emmanuel Akpan


Emmanuel Akpan is the founder of EmmaCare Exercise and Fitness. He is a certified fitness and Gym expert.

He specialized in all types of aerobics (free dance aerobics, step aerobics, Tai-bo aerobics and body fitting aerobics).

He has been into fitness for more than ten (10) years now.

He regards fitness as lifestyles for an active person which is why he wants to inculcate that into you in Fat Loss Breakthrough.

He is a certified fitness and gym expert from National Institute of Sport (NIS) and Institute of Exercise Professional (IREP) with the main aim to improve your life through exercise.

He wants you to regard healthy life exercise and fitness as a hobby.


Adekunle Kazeem

He is the founder of ieatndrink, a certified fitness instructor and an advocate for healthy living lifestyle and a blogger for about 4 years. I’ll be working closely with other instructors to ensure you achieve your goal.


How much is Fat Loss Breakthrough?


How to Register & Immediately Join Fat Loss Breakthrough

Step 1: Deposit or Transfer through online banking the sum of #5,000 into any branch of United Bank for Africa PLC (UBA)

Account name: Excel Natural Wellness

Account Number: 1019969315

Account type: Current

After payments, do 1 simple thing:

Step 2: Send an SMS or EMAIL payment notification with the

SUBJECT: Paid for Fat Loss Breakthrough

What to send are

Amount paid:

Depositor’s Name:

Date paid:

Your Full Names:


GSM no:

Teller number to 08069845222 OR

For inquiries, call the number between the working hours or SMS 24 hours.

(Don’t PANIC, once you send this payment notification, it’ll be acknowledged and you’ll have access to Fat Loss Breakthrough within a few hours)


Fat Loss Breakthrough comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t observe any result as stated, you can request a refund.

Clients Success stories

“I started fat loss breakthrough at 110 kg. 7 months after I lost 50 kg and I feel energize and glad.” Lucy Dayo












“I was 82 kg when I started fat loss breakthrough and over a space of 2 months, I’ve lost 27 kg. I’m truly fulfilled and I love the spirit of keeping to fitness and healthy eating”…. .. Oluchi Asika


“I am happy becos in the journey of weight loss It has really transformed my belly.”  . … . Jennifer

“I was 92 kg when I started fat loss breakthrough and in just 2 weeks, I’ve lost over 6 kg that the same bum short I wore while starting want to fall off and my shirt is lost. I’m happy for the program …. I’ll keep to it till I reach my goal.” . .. … Martha

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