Food vs Diet: My Perception

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If someone tells you I am on diet”, you might think the person is sick or strictly follow a nutritionist instructions or weight management expert guide through one-on-one consultation, coaching or selling off the book but, it’s all a wrong assumption.

Diet in simple term means food and drink you consume by logical reasoning and will-power alone. You strictly adhere to it for some reasons best known to you such as for weight loss, watching weight, eating healthy, to build muscles and gain weight in the case of being too slim or underweight. Any of these reasons are genuine and brilliant.

The act of dieting involves determination, consistency, and sacrifice because you are about to change your taste bud: for example no more sugary food or drink; change your personality and lifestyle. All these revolve around attitude and habits (social behavior).

Attitude as a social trait is very hard to change but with the determination of the mind and consistency, you will find yourself doing the right thing you want.

On the other hand, foods compose of any type of drinkable and eatable which gives energy and build the body as you grow. It doesn’t have guideline and instruction to follow. You can consume anything you feel like at any time, any amount and anyhow it comes your way. You can even prepare it the way you feel like without knowledge and proper guidance.

Remember, what you consume can affect your health status negatively, that’s why you need to eat in a healthy way. There are lots of foods and drinks; abundant varieties but not everything is relatively good to consume.

If you believe in consuming anything that comes to your mind, what your taste crave for; then, you don’t believe in the diet. That’s a wrong perception and belief because every atom of matter has principles. I hope you don’t have such belief and wish those who believe in such school of thought have a rethink and change.

The causes of many diseases have been linked to what you eat and drink such as Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, obesity and even depression etc. That’s the reason why you have to cultivate the habit of eating healthy.

If I may hypothesize and smart, you should be on diet and be armed with the knowledge about the vital element you ingest into our body. It is one of the best gateways to better health, long life and peace of the mind.


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