How You Can Lose Weight with Goat Meat


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I like meat, likewise many Nigerians.

To some, a meal is incomplete without meat. They must eat meat at least once in a day.

Whether it’s vegetable soup or sauce; or stew you prepare, make sure you choose the right type of meat especially if you’re on a journey to lose weight.

Eating healthy meat such as goat meat is not limited to weight loss alone, but for better healthy eating.

What makes goat meat right for weight loss?

  • Goat meat contains low calories compared to other red meat sources such as beef or mutton. A size of 110 gram has 124 calories compared to cow or lamb meat of that same size with 217 calories. Remember one of the rules to effective weight loss, is to reduce your calories intake and goat meat will give you that.
  • With goat meat, you don’t need to bother about fat or trimming fat from a meat, unlike red meat. Goat meat contains low fat when compared to chicken. Where goat meat has 2.6g of fat, cow meat will give you 11 g of fat; both based on the size of 110 grams. Likewise, based on the amount of cholesterol, goat meat has lower cholesterol of 64 mg than 71.6 mg for cow meat.
  • It’s not only low calories goat meat will give you; it’s low in fat and cholesterol compared to their red meat.
  • Most wild goat, even the domesticated goat mostly feed on plants which can be green and more nutritious when compared to another type of meat that has been fed and fatten with grains which are almost of the same without varieties.
  • Goat meat is high in protein than some other meat sources. Though cow meat has more protein of 26.1g compared to goat meat of 25g, but that doesn’t leave much difference compared to other benefits in terms of calories, fat and cholesterol content.

I’m not trying to dissuade you from eating other meat sources such as beef, chicken, mutton, and pork but if you like to eat meat often every day and you can lay your hands on goat meat, that’s so much better especially if you’re on a journey to weight loss and likes to eat healthily.

I could observe and remember few sayings from my late grandfather, he grew up in an environment where goat meat was his major source and he lives longer to his late 100 with an active life and healthy life. This could be a sign for his longevity and you can always get committed to the healthy lifestyle.


Take a deep look at this USDA chart below and have a better understanding why goat meat makes a better choice to lose weight.



Some terms to aid understanding of the chart

Saturated fat

There are different types of fat. We have the good and the bad fat, and this is where saturated fat belongs.

Saturated fat becomes solid at room temperature and this raise low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels which are not friendly to the heart and not good for weight loss. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat an egg, use coconut oil or palm oil in cooking.


This is a fat-like substance produced in our body and it can be found in the food we eat such as goat meat.

We need cholesterol for our body to work properly especially; as it helps with the proper digestion of food. Cholesterol can be bad (LDL: low-density lipoproteins) and as well be good (HDL: high-density lipoproteins) but what matter most, you to keep a balanced cholesterol level.

Always eat healthily and keep up with your medical check-up.

Next time you’re preparing that soup or sauce, make sure you use goat meat. It’s one of the healthiest meats for weight loss.


Choose wisely and eat moderately.


Image credit: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

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