Your Ultimate Guide to Weight loss, Flat-belly & Healthy eating

Do You Want to Lose Weight, have Flatter Belly with Tone Body?

Discover Nigerian Meals and Effective Fitness Exercises That Gives You Desired Weight & Flatter Belly.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare almost hundred of fat-burning meals with ease.
  • Perform fat-burning exercises at your comfort home.
  • And finally, eliminating fat off your body permanently.

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I’ve always wanted to lose weight but I knew deep down my heart, I wasn’t determined to start.

I knew it involves a lot taking actions, discipline, patience and consistency.

In facts, it’s a lifestyle.

But I wasn’t ready for all that. I kept eating any food that comes to my heart, without giving it a second thought the result it might translate to my body and ultimately, my overall health.

Summarily, I never bother about healthy eating.

Pray, eat, work, sleep was like my daily routine.

It was when I had an ailment and was advised by my Doctor to lose weight along with the treatment prescribed that I started thinking about it seriously.

No more procrastinating.

Dear friend,

That’s a real scenario. Your own situation might not be exactly like that but you’ve to treat your weight as a matter of serious affair.

Don’t wait until someone pokes your heart or Doctor advised you due to its negative health effects.

This is not only about you looking youthful, beautiful, & agile but importantly, it’s about your health.

It’s for yourself & life.

You know, health is wealth and it truly worth every penny and actions you are taking.

Obesity, accumulating body fat, not having or maintaining a great body fitness is a problem.

It can lead to premature death, diabetes, infertility, some certain type of cancer, high blood pressure, bone joint problem, cardiovascular & gallbladder ailment, high cholesterol and other health problems.

You can’t keep on procrastinating: I’ll start fully next month.

You can’t afford to feel lazy.

You can’t continue the same eating habits & lifestyle and expect the desired result.

You’ve to make a change in your life, for your health.

And the RIGHT time for you to START is NOW.

Introducing Weight Loss Made Simple

Weight Loss Made Simple is an electronic book that will guide you towards achieving weight loss, flat belly, finer tone arms, thigh & body.

It’s a book:

  • Enrich with almost 100 of our Nigerian food & drinks to eat.
  • Simple step-by-step guide in preparing your food & in different ways for effective result.
  • 100 of snacks (both morning & afternoon meal) you can indulge when feeling hungry & help to avoid the temptation to eat unhealthy especially when you aren’t homely.
  • Drinks you must indulge on waking up and about to have a night rest.
  • Meal timetable with strict time you must abide by for effective result.
  • Almost 100 of fat-burning exercises you must be performing and you can perform from the comfort of your home.
  • Exercise plans & time-table you must adhere to.
  • Exercises you can be performing at your home comfort zone.
  • And much more……

Here Comes a Testimony from Jennifer

” Today I want to share with you guys real testimonies from how I made up my mind to action and finally put away the ugly fat . Mr kunle I bless the day I stumbled on ur email and ur phone number and ever since then you have blessed me immensely. I am happy cos in the journey of weight loss I really transform . Infact if I go that ur diet plan as you told me I will turn 1 I was only doing it little by little I don’t eat much but my fruits and vegetables and my the lemon water boast which I benefited from . This should inspired you believe in ur self so start work now.

From Jennifer.”

The letter


Click to Download Weight Loss Made Simple

Imagine that, Jennifer was scared she might turn 1, we had re-structure her food plan.

With Weight loss made simple, you will achieve not only your weight loss goal but flat-belly if that’s yours. Embrace Weight loss Made Simple now and share your testimony with everyone.


You know what it’ll cost you to register at a gym for a weight loss program or pay for weekly supplies of drugs & supplements which still requires you eating healthy.

#100,000 per MONTH…..

BUT…..Weight Loss Made Simple will:

  • Teach you almost 100 of fat-burning Nigeria foods you’ll be eating because you’re already accustom to eating by nature.
  • Teach you how you can prepare your simple weight loss & fat-burning meals because you’re relatively aware of cooking & food preparation and frankly, food preparation plays an important role in the success of fat loss.
  • Teach you almost 100 of fat-burning exercises you’ll be performing because you’re accustom to moving your body by nature.
  • Gives you the meal and exercise plans that you can get started with, without feeling confuse on what to do and you’ll be educated on how to design your own base on your budget, easiness & time.
  • And much more…..


What’s the PRICE for Weight Loss Made Simple



Click to Download Weight Loss Made Simple

How To Order Immediately & Claim Your Weight Loss Made Simple

Pay or transfer through online banking the sum of #5,700 into any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) with:

Account name: Sule Adekunle Kazeem

Account Number: 010 768 2111

Account type: Savings

After payments, do one simple thing:

Send an SMS or EMAIL payment notice with the SUBJECT: Paid for Weight Loss Made Simple

The BODY should contain the following:

Amount paid:

Depositor’s Name:

Date paid:

Your Full Names:


GSM no:

Teller number to 080698452222 OR

For inquiries, call the number between the working hours or SMS 24 hours.

(Don’t PANIC, once you send this payment notification, it’ll be acknowledged and you’ll receive your product within 24 hours with BONUSES in your email)


Weight Loss Made Simple is fully backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you strictly follow the guide for 30 days without results, you can request a refund. But I’m certain that within 30 days, you’ll start feeling the results.

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Adekunle Kazeem

Nigerian Weight Loss Advocate

08069845222 [Working hours, SMS 24hours]





Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q: What is Weight Loss Made Simple and how will it help me lose weight & burn off belly fat?

A: Weight Loss Made Simple is an electronic book designed specifically for weight loss, flatter belly, tone arms & thighs. It involves eating healthy and performing exercises which you can easily do at home. Its recipes will show you how to cook weight loss & fat-burning meals using the fat-burning ingredients.

2 Q: Can these recipes help me boost the way my body burns fat and are the ingredients available in Nigeria?

A: Yes, it improves the way you burn your fat and the ingredients are available in Nigeria especially in cities & towns. Even in suburbs and village terrain, many of the food ingredients are readily available.

3 Q: If Weight Loss Made Simple is for men & women. What about children, pregnant women, nursing mothers?

A: Yes, Weight Loss Made Simple is for both men & women regardless of your age, your gender, background, Weight Loss Made Simple is designed for you except pregnant and nursing mothers.

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4 Q: Does it involve spending hours in the kitchen every day?

A: No, it doesn’t. The recipes can be prepared within 30 minutes. Some are far lesser than that.

5 Q: I don’t know how to cook, is the Weight Loss Made Simple applicable for me?

A: Yes, it’s much applicable. The recipes have been designed so simple to follow in a step-by-step fashion.

In addition, after getting Weight Loss Made Simple, you will be supported till you achieve your goals and make it a lifestyle. Studies have shown that it takes 6 months to inculcate a new habit as a lifestyle.

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5 thoughts on “Are You Still Struggling to Lose Weight, have Flatter Belly with Tone Body

  1. I have stubborn fat belly really need to work on for it to burn totally i don’t have a problem with my body I just want to burn the stubborn fat in my belly pls help…don’t wanna loss weight but fat belly …tnx.pls reply.

    • With the e-book: Weight loss made simple, you can achieve the flat belly you crave. Likewise, it treats fat loss . For further help, you can contact me.

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