How the Size of Your Plate Helps Weight Loss


Ideally, a large section of the problem of weight gain and its solution lies in the size of the plate you use. It’s on personal dinner or lunch plate where the fate of waistline is determined.

A number of calories you consume are influenced by the size of your plate. Portion control helps you lose weight and the plate affects the outcome. Putting this in mind, you can actually lose weight with simple but great plate strategies. Of course finally, you should manage your calorie amount of intake.

The obesity epidemic comes as a result of large plates. People always have a tendency of filling up whatever space is available on the plate. You tend to eat a lot more than you normally would if you eat from a large plate. On using a smaller plate, you will eat lesser.



Facts show that most American families serve food on plates of size 12 inches and above. A 12-inch plate’s surface is too large to place the right amount of food. It takes up to 75% more food than a 9-inch plate. That means a 12-inch plate is equal to serving food in 2, 9-inch plates. Therefore, a simple strategy of just reducing your plate by 3 inches from 12 can have a profound effect on loss of weight efforts. The thumb rule tells us that every 1-inch rise in the diameter of the plate over and above the 9 inches will increase the plate surface by up to 25%.


Simple, you should stick to a single serving every day. There is no need of using relatively smaller plate yet you are going to serve yourself twice. Anyway, if you do that you will have eaten just as equal as in the 12 inches plate. Normally, few people will think about effects of the 2nd serving on consumption of calorie. Second serving always adds on calories. Though only some people can realize this. Just decide to stick to single serving to make smarter food choices.



People may eat food from an 8-inch plate or even a 5-inch plate, the problem has they spread the food in more than 1 plate. This is misleading as you can think that you are eating the food of small quantity. If you sum up, the calorie intake can be a lot more than you can imagine. This happens in the buffet. You will have a low ratio in many plates.


You should not forget on some simple tricks including controlling the size of the plate instead of going on an extreme diet to control the calorie intake. When you reduce the size of your plate you will also automatically reduce your waistline.


In conclusion, weight loss is more about health and fitness of your body. Therefore, for more free advice, you can look for a Europe Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and you will be able to get healthcare tips for free. The EHIC card is not restricted to only those in Europe in the application procedure. Just go for it.

Your health, your future, your weight, your flexibility.



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