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It’s all about moderate

Every kind of FOOD is GOOD. Yes, GOOD. The good becomes bad when the good is too much. Don’t be too surprised; Good food can become bad food, it just depends on you, it depends on YOU!

Let’s start with water.

Water is good for the body and so we love it for the right reasons. It hydrates us and quenches our thirst, flushes out toxins, aids the process of digestion…….the list is endless.

But, imagine drinking glass after glass after glass of water, for no particular reason at all until your stomach becomes bloated…..I don’t want to imagine this with you!.

This basically means that to get the best out of the water, you have to take just the necessary quantity. This European Food Safety Organisation (EFSA) recommends an intake of 2.0 liters for women and 2.5 liters for men.Rice beans vegeatable stew

This rule also applies to food; every kind and type of food.  I defined food in the last post. If you haven’t read it, please do.

So, “moderate” is indeed needed for every food, because an unnecessary intake of good food can become “problematic” when eaten.

As long as we eat a little here and there, we can eat almost every kind of food.

Fat & Oil is good for the body when the necessary or required quantity is taken.  Fat, a major source of energy, aids the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and is necessary for proper growth, development, and maintenance.

Healthy sources include olive oil, soya bean oil, avocado, nuts and seafood. The goodness limit of fat and oil is exceeded when we take too much of these or when we try to get our nutrients from the wrong sources

Protein, a choice food for losing weight/keeping fit can be disastrous when consumed in excess.

Imagine again, that you have beans for breakfast, Moi-moi (bean cake) for lunch and akara (bean ball) for dinner….You’re on your own

Yam egg

Carbohydrate is one class of food that has suffered in our hands and stomach. Many of us survive on carbohydrate meals, with just a “touch” of protein or a “hint” of vegetables.

The beauty of good food is in its combination; a little here and there.
An English quote says “variety is the spice of life”. This applies to food too.
Spice up your food life. Have a little of everything.

Now, THE BIG DEAL.  It’s another festive season.
There will be a lot of eating and eating and eating and eating and drinking.  Remember, if it’s not food, don’t eat it.

Let’s prepare to step into the New Year with healthy weights and healthy bodies.



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