Akara (Fried Bean Cake) as a Weight Loss Food


If you’re wondering the foods are indigenous to Nigerians; definitely, Akara also named as fried bean cake, bean fritters, bean balls is definitely one of them.

It’s highly assumed to have originated from the southwestern part of the country, before finding its way to other parts of the country, through the Portuguese territory during the slave trade.

It could be eaten as rich snack made majorly from beans, pepper, tomatoes, onions and oil for frying.

Akara as a Weight Loss Meal

Akara is rich in protein, which is gotten the beans and this helps to repair worn out tissues and it’s one of the best nutrients for weight loss because it boosts metabolism.

It’s rich in dietary fiber which helps in reducing cholesterol level, potassium which reduces high blood pressure by normalizing it to an optimum level and this makes it a great choice for people who are hypertensive.

Not only can Akara be eaten as a weight loss meal, generally, it can serve as a healthy meal anytime.

A half cup of bean will give you:

  • 71 calories. From this, fat composes of 1 gram.
  • Protein — 15 gram
  • Fiber — 9 g
  • Carbohydrates — 43 g
  • Sodium — 178 mg
  • Potassium — 964 mg

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With a half cup of beans, this should be enough to make a breakfast meal.

You can make use free cholesterol oils such as extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and even palm oil is also alright but good preparation is very important.

Akara can be eaten with pap or Eko: a meal made from corn. A small cup of pap is alright.

It can also be eaten with 1 or 2 slices of bread as well.

Be rest assured and feel free to add Akara to your meal plan when working on losing weight.

The most important are the preparation and measure (recipe).


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