Akara (Fried Bean Cake) as a Weight Loss Food


You’re working to lose weight and like to know if Akara can be allowed as a weight loss food. It’s allowed and you can keep reading to understand the reason why.

How it can be prepared, quantity to eat, what can be eaten along with it and etc.

To better understand Akara as a weight loss food, let’s dig deep into what it’s and preparation.

What is Akara

Akara is an indigenous Nigerian snack, mostly eaten in the southern part. It’s highly made from beans with other condiments such as red pepper, onion, tomatoes and finally fried with oil.

Bean is rich in protein, one of the best sources of plant protein in Nigeria. This helps repair worn out tissues during and after an intense exercise and build muscles which are helpful for fat loss.

Nevertheless, it contains a good amount of complex carbohydrate, that provides consistent energy, healthy for weight loss.

With herbs and vegetable ingredients such as tomato, pepper, that is rich in antioxidant and helps boost metabolism, Akara is definitely making sense as a weight loss food.

Akara preparation

Have you been using large oil to deep fry Akara? If yes, this is a problem. This practice of cooking increases it calorie content by great percentage.


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Next time, try to use your hand to squeeze an Akara ball or press firmly on a spoon, and you’ll observe extra oil fuming out.

Do you need that extra oil?

No, you can use less oil to fry Akara, it won’t lose taste but taste better.

Akara as a Weight Loss Food

A half cup of bean will give you:

  • 71 calories.
  • Fat — 1 gram.
  • Protein — 15 gram
  • Fiber — 9 g
  • Carbohydrates — 43 g
  • Sodium — 178 mg
  • Potassium — 964 mg

Akara is rich in dietary fiber. This helps to reduce cholesterol level and makes you feel full and not hungry for long.

It contains potassium which reduces high blood pressure. This helps normalize it to an optimum level and this makes a great choice for people who are hypertensive.

Akara is best eaten as a snack. You can add 1 or 2 slices of whole wheat bread or a half cup of pap or half medium size of eko/agidi. If you’re eating it this way, of course, the number or size of Akara balls will be reduced.

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Akara Recipe for Weight Loss


A half cup of black-eyed bean

A half cup of pumpkin or “Ugwu” leaves (chopped)

1 red pepper (ata rodo) or 1 teaspoon dry pepper

Half cup onions (chopped)

2 – 3 eggs

1 tablespoon of olive or coconut oil

1 maggi

Half teaspoon baking soda

A half cup of water

Salt to taste


1. Soak the beans for about 1 hour until soft for skin removal.

A blend which you do in bit sizes. Add little water while blending which will be needful. The result should be smooth and not watery.

2. Whisk the egg and add into the mixture.

3. Add ugwu, Maggi, onions, and other ingredients except for the oil.

4. Stir well till you feel it’s firm and smooth.


1. Use a wide and deep-frying pan. Place it over a medium heat.

2. Add the oil, evenly spread out.

3. Scoop some good amount of bean batter over it, enough to cover the oil.

Allow cooking till you notice bubbles.

4. Carefully flip it over to the other side and allow to cook till it’s golden brown.

5. If the bean batter remains, add another 1 tablespoon or you can visualize it the economy way, perhaps, a half tablespoon will be fine.

6. Repeat the cooking process again and finally, you have your Akara ready to eat.

A half cup of beans should be enough as a breakfast meal.

With this healthy preparation, be rest assured and feel free to add Akara to your weight loss meal plan.

Remember, eat moderately and it’s smart you work with a nutritionist to help manage your nutrition plan and the overall weight loss result.

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