The Effect of Beans on Cholesterol Levels and Weight Loss


Cholesterol is the natural fat your body produces and it can be found in your blood. It is produced by the liver and this makes it an important and compulsory property your body need for proper functioning.

Apart from the natural production process through your liver, the food you eat such as meat or fish and the liquid you drink such as low-fat yogurt or milk also produce cholesterol and if it get too high or produces much beyond what your body needs, it will result in health problems such as stroke, weight gain, obesity, heart attack, angina (chest pain), atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol levels can affect your weight loss progress.

You don’t much cholesterol but little for proper health and well-being. Your body is naturally producing cholesterol which could too much in the first instance and where you’re eating food high cholesterol; this could amount to bad health signal.

The signal whereby the blood vessels (pipe) is being blocked or experiencing blockage due to too much cholesterol that in its walls; this makes the blood passage narrower or totally block which is one of the signs of a stroke (blockage in the brain).

There are 2 types of cholesterol and they are:

a. LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and

b. HDL (High-density lipoprotein).

The LDL is susceptible to blockage because it task involves transporting cholesterol from the liver to the blood vessels and in the process, some might be stuck on the walls which gradually build-up compared to HDL which transport its cholesterol back to the liver after being broken down which has low or no susceptibility to sticking around the walled vessel.

Thus, the LDL is always acting as the bad guy while the HDL is acting the good guy correcting all the flaws and errors the bad guy has made. Therefore, you need more of the good guy and need to produce low cholesterol thereby not giving the bad guy the chance to surface or work much.

What you eat and drink is paramount and it affects your cholesterol level (it production).

That’s why you need to eat food low in cholesterol or no cholesterol at all such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. Food that has a relative amount of cholesterol need to be consumed in moderation with portion control especially if you’re losing weight and crave to be eating healthy.

One of the best foods for lowering cholesterol is beans which are because of its richness in low-cholesterol soluble fiber which can reduce cholesterol to about 10% in 6 weeks. This soluble fiber works by forming a gel in water which helps bind acids and cholesterol together in the intestines thereby preventing its re-absorption in the body.

In addition, research has shown that eating a half cup of cooked beans daily for 2 months reduced cholesterol by 20%.

Beans are rich in potassium, vitamins B, and magnesium which provide health benefits.

They are cholesterol and trans fat-free, it contains phytosterols which reduce cholesterol levels and it has the good source of starch; the type that breaks down carbs into glucose slowly.

With this explanation on lowering cholesterol level and other enormous health benefits, there is an argument to what quantity of beans does it take, to lower cholesterol. Like it has hinted in the above studies and explanation, ½ cup of beans can perform wonders by lowering cholesterol by 20% over 2 months’ time frame.

Another hinted that one and a half cup of cooked beans eaten 4 days per week can lower the bad guy (LDL) cholesterol level by 5 to 15%. This also affirms an average 1 cup cooked beans to good and effective and in this article, the cholesterol level I am talking to reduced is the bad guy (LDL) cholesterol.

To conclude, eating beans and other legumes at least 3-4 times a week is doubt very good for weight loss, lowering the bad guy (LDL) cholesterol and preventing other diseases such as stroke and coronary heart attack. For your of the weight loss and flat-belly solution guide, check out this e-book.

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