Beef versus Chicken: Which One is Better for Consumption to Lose Weight and Fat?


When it comes to losing unwanted weight and getting the flat belly of your dream, eating healthy is paramount.

You have to change your eating habit if sincerely; you want to change your weight status.

You, likewise a lot of other people especially my fellow Nigerians can’t eat a meal without chicken or beef which to some people, it is an incomplete meal.

That’s right!

You need the right amount of protein and other nutrients to make a complete meal.

I believe you’re very much aware, building muscle is vital to fat loss, which is where exercising plays a key role with the right amount of food.

As a woman, you might think it too far because I know you dislike much muscle like a macho man but something of normal to fair muscle built, at least, to burn the unwanted fat off the whole body and the belly region.

Eating food rich in protein is very important to fat loss and some of the right foods that will yield the fruitful result are beef and chicken.

In fact, the protein in beef is considered a complete type because your body can hardly generate these nutrients itself and this is part of what beef will give you.

Despite that, there is a need for comparative analysis to find out which is better especially for losing fat because some people have actually concluded one is healthier than the other with consideration to its fat content and calories.

Beef is derived from cow and it contains more fat than chicken but what makes up it fat combination is based on what the cow fed with.

There are some cowsa fed and fatten with grains such as maize and this resulted into more fat compared to those, that are well fed with grass: they have less fat with a higher percentage of omega-3 fatty acids; which helps with anti-inflammatory, help build muscle and burn fat in the process.

Thus, it is left for you to patronize grass-fed beef, well raised in a hygienic and humane environment.

According to an analysis by Buildlean, the leanest beef contains 5.4 grams of fat per serving while the fattest contains 37.6 grams per serving. So, this depends on how you cut your meat into sizes for consumption. If you cut it big, you will be consuming more than what you actually need.

In addition, if you cut your beef very lean like that of a roasted meat (suya) or in small sizes, you will not only be reducing the amount of fat content and calories you eat that meal, but you will be eating in moderation and not go beyond your daily calories.

I don’t have recommended size but you can visualize it not go beyond the size of all your fingers on one hand.

There is a notion that high amount of saturated fat in beef makes it bad for consumption but that is only true if the cows are fed with starchy feeds such as maize and other grains and not grass.

Nevertheless, some saturated fat is a good for the body, most especially, those grass-fed have been discovered to contain fatty acids that help in reducing fat belly.

When it comes to chicken, white chicken is considered low in fat with high protein but this depends on what the chicken has been fed as well coupled with the cultivation lifestyle.

You can’t compare a chicken fed with feeds rich in loaded GMO grains with chemical, with no or minute rays of sunlight and invariably, no movement to a pastured chicken.

The quality of their meat will be different and the choice is greatly is yours

Nevertheless, studies to it nutritional profile show a variation ranging from 1 gram to 6 grams when skinless.

Skinless chicken is variable not fat but where you eat it skin as well, that’s where you will adding up great fat and more calories to your food.

Thus, it is better you eat skinless chicken.

In conclusion, both chicken and beef are better to eat and you shouldn’t stick to one for instance chicken for long like 7 days without taking beef but include it in your meal as well, perhaps 2 times a week.

Make sure you eat nutrient-rich food in moderation and over time, you will start observing the great result.

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