12 Health Benefits Attached to Cucumber

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Cucumber is a cylindrical shape vegetable plant that belongs to gourd family. It was established to have been first cultivated in India before it gradually spread to other countries in the world. It has 3 varieties which are pickling, burpless and slicing.

Cucumber as a simple vegetable has enormous health benefits, nutrients and minerals such as vitamin A, and C, potassium, folic acid, magnesium, and fiber. It’s low in calories and fats which make it a very good source of food for people who want to stay healthy and fit.

Health benefits of cucumber

1. Aid weight loss and flat belly

Due to its low calories, low carbs and low glycemic index, cucumber makes it an ideal to eat and lose weight. It doesn’t spike your blood sugar, thereby causing insulin secretion to shut down and storing the excess sugar as fat. When eaten in an appropriate amount, it’ll make you feel full and not hungry for long.

2. Aid hydration improves skin and eye care

Cucumber comprises mainly of water which makes up about 96%. Thus, it keeps your body hydrated. The water is far more nutritious to drink than the ordinary water you drink every day. With the high amount of water in your body, you have a lesser chance of getting dehydrated.

In addition, it contains vitamins and a few minerals which are vital for the skin when it comes to taking great care of your body wall. It removes the puffiness under the eyes when you rub the sliced skin on your eye skin and it helps in getting rid of sunburn and windburn.

3. Aid anti-cancer

Cucumber reduces the risk of several types of cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. It possesses 3 different lignans which include lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These elements are popular for reducing the risk of cancer in the body.

4. Aid blood pressure control

Cucumber helps in controlling your blood pressure. When to blend into juice without any additives, it contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and its fibers are quite effective in controlling blood pressure.

5. Aid healthy gum

Cucumber juice has been considered to be very good for the teeth and gums problem.

6. Aid digestion

Cucumber improves food digestion. While many might consider this to be untrue, it has been scientifically proven that simple digestive problems such as heartburn, acidity, ulcers, and gastritis can be easily resolved. Likewise, it gets rid of constipation.

7. Aid healthy and fine nail

Cucumber can be useful in taking great care of your nails. This is due to a large amount of silica it has which help in getting rid of splitting and damage to the tail of your nails either your fingernails or toes.

8. Aid resolves diabetes

Cucumber is healthy for diabetic patients. Its glycemic index is 15 which fall among the low-index food that is favorable for both diabetic and weight loss. A cup of sliced cucumber contains 2.6g of carbs and it has about 14 calories which make it low.

With low calories and low glycemic index, this will not raise blood sugar level and thereby, it’ll keep it in normal and balance level. This makes cucumber an ideal vegetable for diabetic and vegetable.

9. Aid reduces cholesterol level

Cucumber helps reduce body cholesterol level and this is done with the help of a compound called sterols. It has been confirmed by researchers to reduce cholesterol levels.

10. Aid hair growth

Cucumber helps with hair problem such as not being able to grow healthy hair as you want them to be. Thus, if you’re eating cucumber, this can help resolve your hair trouble. It contains sulfur and silicon which help with healthy hair growth. Though specialists suggest mixing it with carrot, spinach and lettuce can actually work wonders as well.

11. Aid gallstones

Cucumber helps in dissolving stones in your bladder and kidney. It contains a large amount of water which can remove all waste products from our body when urinating.

12. Aid with stronger bones

Lastly, cucumber can help you get rid of arthritis pain. The vegetable is extremely rich in different types of vitamins and when you mix it with carrot juice, it lowers the uric acid levels and helps get rid of arthritis pain.

With the enormous health benefits, cucumber has, I hope you’ll feel highly convinced in making it a part of your daily food.

If not at least weekly and it can be taken as break snacks. Thus, include it when creating your meal plan.

Whenever you want to buy and make a choice for your cucumber, make sure you choose the firm and dark green type. Specialists recommend this type and the yellow ones should be ignored.

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