Nigeria Best Fruits that Help Reduce Belly fat



Eating different varieties fruits and vegetables both in color and texture are one of the best food sources for reducing fat belly and helping with weight loss.

They’re rich in nutrients and minerals that naturally, you can’t get elsewhere even from supplements. They’re low in calorie, reduce blood pressure, improve vision, and reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

What is most important, it helps with better and proper digestion of food, balancing blood sugar which all helps with a flat belly and weight loss.

Fruit #1 – Green Apples

apple green_ieatndrink

You’re familiar with this common phrase “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. That’s absolutely true.

Apples are rich in abundant nutrients which help with your immune system.

Truly, many are aware of that, but what a lot of people probably don’t know is that apples are a great fruit for having a flatter belly and weight loss because of its richness in fiber content and phytonutrients especially when you eat it along with it skin, you won’t miss any.

Fiber and phytonutrients help slow digestion of food thereby making you feel full for longer and they help in balancing the production of blood sugar by not spiking it unnecessarily which can lead to weight gain and other diseases such as diabetes.

A medium size apple with skin has 4.4g. Eating an apple before or after the meal is good for a flat belly and weight loss.

Fruit #2 – Avocado Pear

Avocado is a great fruit for weight loss and flat belly. It’s rich in monounsaturated fat (good fats) which helps lower cholesterol, makes you feel fuller for long thereby not feeling hungry early, and helps with flat belly.

It’s low in calorie and rich in vitamin and nutrients that will reduce fat belly.

An avocado helps with anti-aging, clearer eyes and makes the skin glow.

You can make salad dressing or paste out of it and use it for your salad meal.

A research carried out by the journal of nutrition discovered that topping your greens salad with avocado helps with absorption of more carotenoids which has abundant health benefits such as acting as antioxidants in the body where it possesses strong cancer-fighting properties. Carotenoids boost the immune system and they’re anti-inflammatory.

Thus, eating your salad with guacamole (salad paste made from avocado) is rich in nutrient with health benefits.

Fruit #3 – Pawpaw (papaya)

Pawpaw Nigeria fruit belly fruit_ieatndrink


Pawpaw is another good tropical fruit for a flat belly and weight loss. Not only that, it’s good for the skin, heart, and bone. It contains low sugar, making it ideal for diabetics and it has properties that fight and reduces the risk of cancer such as beta-cryptoxanthins and lycopene.

In addition, it contains antioxidant properties and enzymes that help with weight loss. The enzymes papain helps with better food digestion especially breaking down of fiber which can cause bloating if not digested well.

This enzyme also helps with digestion of proteins food. If someone is suffering from poor digestion from food highly compose of protein due to bloating and constipation, the person can eat papaya and there will be an improvement in digestion.

It might be advisable and a better feeling that, eating some amount of papaya after the meal is good for a flat belly and aid better digestion.  In addition, you can decide to eat it alone as snacks.

Fruit #4 – Banana

Banana diet

Banana is a good source of fruit for a flatter belly.

Though, you might have heard folks say, it makes them gain more weight or they don’t see the difference in their quest for a flatter belly. Ask the person who has a wrong feeling about the banana, how many did s/he eat per day with all honestly?

You might be blown away by the number.

Everything requires moderation and is numbered, the same goes to banana. Banana is rich in antioxidants and low in calories. A number of calories banana has varied with sizes. It ranges from 72 calories with a size less than 6 inches and 81 grams to extra-large of about 9 inches with 152 grams having 135 calories.

Thus, it depends on you and the numbers you eat daily. Some people can eat a bunch of bananas like 2 or 3 which might be alright for a flat belly and you’ve to accept that as your lunch meal.

Read: How Banana Diet Lifestyles and Lose Weight.

Banana contains nutrient such as potassium, vitamin C and B3, manganese, magnesium, thiamin, zinc, iron, copper and other essential minerals. Banana is better eaten when it’s not too ripe. The riper it is, the higher it sugar content will be and this will not be good enough. Moderately ripe banana contains carbohydrates that don’t increase blood sugar, which thereby spiking insulin secretions. To conclude, it’s better you eat it in moderation like 1 or 2 and you’ll be fine, and remember don’t go for the over ripe bananas. Not even healthy to eat.

Fruit #5 – Pineapple

Pineapple NIgeria fruit flat belly

This is another tropical fruit for a flat belly and weight loss. The fruit is rich in nutrients that support your flat belly such as vitamin C, copper, thiamine, fiber, vitamin B6, and C.

It also has this essential enzyme called bromelain which helps digest fat, metabolizes protein, helps with food digestion efficiently and overall, helps with a flat tummy.

Thus, make sure you opt for the ripe pineapple and you can make natural juice out of it without adding anything. Be wary of unripe pineapples, it has side health effects.

These are some of the Nigeria fruits best alright for reducing fat belly and helping with weight loss. You can eat these snacks; make salad paste out them such as avocado that has been proven to be very good for greens salad.

After each meal, you can eat this fruit raw or drink the juice you’ve made out from them with their natural properties without adding substance even water.

Remember, moderation and better food preparation are very important for a flat belly and weight loss and this is what cookbooks with hundreds of dishes with Nigerian ingredients will serve you.

I wish you success with your belly fat loss.


Image credit: freenology, peepindia

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