Coconut Calories and it Effect on Weight Loss

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Calories are the measurement of the amount of energy in food which translates into what your body has.

You burn calories every minute; even as you are reading this, you’re burning some calories through your eyes, through your brain and another part of your body through movement and utilization.

The rate at which you burn calories differs and if you can’t burn enough calories every day due to your daily activities, the extra calories will start piling up and this will be converted into fat in your body. That’s how you will start storing fat all over your body.

This is bad and unhealthy.

To lose weight, you need to know and understand a number of calories each food you are planning to eat contain in other not to exceed the daily recommended amount.

Thus, one of the successful strategies to weight loss is to eat nutritious food, less in calories, and not consume beyond what you can’t burn for the day.

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Coconut is a meat derived from the coconut palm. It’s assumed to have originated from Southeast Asia and it’s well cultivated presently in West Africa and Caribbean countries.

The calories in coconut vary depending on its size.

A 50g coconut has 171 calories, and this entails 7.4% of protein, 66% of fat while the remaining 25% compose of carbohydrate which is mainly fiber.

Coconut oil is high in calories and saturated fat. 1 tablespoon contains 40 calories and its fat composition is of saturated fat which increases LDL (bad) cholesterol but the most striking twist is, it has been discovered through studies, despite the oil increases LDL (bad) cholesterol, it also increases HDL (good) cholesterol and this is attributed to lauric acid (44%) and myristic acid (16%).

In conclusion, eating coconut as snacks or using it make snack isn’t going to harm your weight loss likewise using its oil for cooking and remember, moderation and portion control is vital.

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