Couscous as a Healthy and Weight Loss Food


Couscous is a grain food made from wheat, and it’s common food among the North African countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya which has been believed to be originated from.

It’s popular in northern Nigeria and it’s gradually increasing in the south.

It seems like the popular yellow garri in southern Nigeria but it’s not.

How to Make Couscous (The Do it Yourself Way)

This traditional way of making couscous might seem hard even though, there are manufacturers with a great product. But the moment you learn and practice this old homemade approach, you will find it easy to make on your own.

The old approach to making couscous is started by getting semolina; a coarse grain made from wheat and sprinkles it with water.

Then you roll it over with your hands and it will form small particles. Add some dry flour by sprinkling to enable separation which can easily be done by sieving to get the small grain particles called couscous.

In the process of sieving, it’s possible to generate very small particles which will fall along with the dry flour. When this happens, you roll it over again to form good small particles and sieve it again to get the small particles during separation.couscous-healthy weight loss

You’ll continue this process until all the semolina has been used or you’re satisfied with the quantity of couscous (small grains particles) you have made. This might be labor intensive but gradually you’ll get accustomed and find it enjoyable.

Nevertheless, some food manufacturing companies have made this easier thereby; they’re producing couscous using the mechanized technological method.

In Nigeria, Golden penny flour has a brand which is a good example of couscous. You can search more for their couscous product. With a modern brand, you don’t need traditional labor-intensive technique.

The product has been steam and dried.

All you do is add it to boiling water and allow it to swell for about 10 minutes.  Most brands have this cooking instruction in their package.

Thus, couscous swells and within a few minutes, it’s ready to serve by being fluffy when you use a fork.

You can serve it creatively and beautifully with salads, spices, herbs, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, or meat. It’s not necessarily you add all these ingredients.

Couscous as a Healthy and Weight Loss Meal

If you’re working to lose weight or like to be eating healthy, then whole-grain couscous will make an excellent slimming meal and choice.

A cup of couscous (157g) contains 176 calories. It has protein, potassium, sodium, fiber, thiamin, niacin, calcium, fat, iron, and carbs which all contribute abundantly to healthy living.

It contains 6g of protein which helps with muscle-building for boosting metabolism for weight loss.

It contains selenium which serves as an antioxidant for the body and protecting it from free radicals thereby boosting the immune system and other health benefits such as reproductive health and thyroid hormones metabolism.

The potassium helps with blood pressure by regulating it and muscles contraction.

Its fiber content helps with weight loss by slowing down digestion, thereby not increasing blood sugar and making you feel full for longer. Couscous is rich with abundant health benefits.

In conclusion, couscous especially the whole-grain type is low in calories, low in the glycemic index; that’s when it breaks down it carbs into blood sugar, it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels and fat.

Always add nutrient ingredients to your couscouses such as vegetables and fish and remember moderation is important.

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