How Ewedu Soup Make a Weight Loss Food

Jute leaves_How Ewedu Soup Make a Weight Loss Food

Ewedu soup is one of the many indigenous foods mostly eaten by the Yoruba in South-west Nigeria.

This delicacy is fairly eaten among other tribes in Nigerians.

It’s called Rama among the Hausas in the Northern Nigeria and Ahihara among the Igbo. In English, it’s called Jute leaves with botanical name Corchorus Olitorius.

Ewedu soup is very good as a weight loss food. It contains low-calorie, with rich in abundant minerals and vitamins which are one of the signs for a weight loss food. It’s a source of Vitamin A, C, E, and K.

  • Ewedu is rich in micro-nutrients which serve as a source of antioxidants for the body.
  • The presence of vitamins makes it a great source of food for a youthful and beautiful skin with the production of collagens.
  • Ewedu increases the body immunity and it helps with intestinal problems such as constipation and dysentery.
  • Ewedu is helping with clear and better eyesight with it richness in beta-carotene.
  • Ewedu has abundant dietary fiber which makes it good for weight loss because food rich in fiber tend to slow down digestion which regulates blood sugar to be normal. In addition, the presence of fiber helps with an easy bowel movement.

A Recipe As a Weight Loss Meal

cup of uncooked Ewedu contains 43 Calories, 1g of Protein, 3g of Carbs, and 3g of Fiber.


1 cup Ewedu leaf (no stem & minced)

Locust beans (Iru)

Potash (Optional)

1 cup of water



1) Boil 1 cup of water in a cooking pot.

2) Add the minced Ewedu into the boiling water, add locust beans (iru) and potash if you like and allow boiling for 10 minutes, with the pot uncovered.

3.) Add salt to taste and cook for 5 minutes. Serve with any of the recommended pudding.

With more soup such as stew or gbegiri with fish or meat, it’ll give you better taste and nutrients.

It’s most tasty and yummy when eaten with Amala (flour made from yam) and you can also serve with Semo or Pounded yam.

Remember the quantity control on Amala, Pounded yam or Semo: The recommended size if you’re working on losing weight is the half size of your fist with relatively plenty of the soup.

Don’t miss the savor of Ewedu soup again as it’s not only great for weight loss, but it’s highly medicinal.

Make sure you eat a meal with Ewedu soup weekly if weight loss and healthy eating lifestyle is your choice and goal.


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