Festive and Healthy

(Tips to stay healthy this festive season)

Hello everyone, it’s been a great while. I’ve not been busy, (I must admit) just doing what you’ve been doing…….eating, drinking, relaxing, visiting, having fun and all the good stuffs that flow with this season…….and staying FIT too.

Some of us at this point may have stopped enjoying ourselves because we are bothered about gaining unhealthy weight and not looking our best.

Here are tips to help you stay healthy amidst the festivities and all the way into the New Year.

1. DRINK water: Drinking a lot of water helps to keep unnecessary hunger at bay. Drink a glass/cup of water before each meal (about 20-30 minutes before). It will help you to eat a little less at meal times. Also, it is necessary to replace carbonated drinks and the likes with water, to avoid unnecessary calories. You can “spice” up water too.

How?pure-water weight loss

a. Take a warm glass of water in the morning, infused with green tea and/or honey

b. Add a tinge of lemon or lime to chilled water in the afternoon (Simply cut a medium sized lime/lemon into two and squeeze into your water. Take care to avoid the seeds)

2. EAT slowly: Eating slowly will help you chew properly, enjoy and savour your meals over a long period of time and then there will be no need for a second helping.

This will also reduce your chances of overeating, indigestion and bloated stomachs. Many of us eat more because we want to enjoy the taste that we probably missed out on the first time (when we rushed through the first plate). Eating slowly will avoid this.

3. INDULGE in fruits and vegetables: There are a lot of fruits and vegetables present in season  right now, you can use them to your advantage, especially when you feel the need to just put something in your mouth; apples, carrots, cucumbers, cabbages, watermelons……to name a few.

You can also grate carrot and cabbage as a side accompaniment for rice or for coleslaw (with/without salad/mayonnaise cream).

You can dice up your fruits as fruit salad or blend them in a blender/foodFriedrice_cucumbersalad_plantain processor to make a puree. Vegetable sauce can also be a great alternative for plain pepper sauce for rice, yam and swallows.

4. REMEMBER proteins: Protein, unlike carbohydrate, does not get stored up as fat in our bodies, so we can freely incorporate protein into our meals to create a balance…..egg, fish, beef, chicken/turkey, milk, soya milk, beans, soya beans…and the likes

5. SHARE: Yes, there’s love in sharing. There’s also health in sharing. I’ve discovered that there’s a great tendency to eat less and be satisfied when you eat with someone or with people.

Likewise, you tend to stack up your plate and eat more when alone. So, try eating with friends/ family/loved ones. You’ll get the double benefits of eating just enough and having a wonderful time too. You can also go visiting or better still; invite friends around if you can. Just don’t eat alone.

6. EXERCISE more: This is not the time to cut back on exercising. Instead, try to do more to balance your inactivity and food consumption. Try jogging in the morning (like myself).

My brother did not get up on time today for jogging, and so he jogged inside the compound instead of our regular street runs. He knew he just had to do something. Do something too.

Skipping will be great in the afternoon or indoor games and strolling can be done in the evening. Take advantage of any opportunity to move around.

7. SLEEP: The longer we stay awake into the night, the greater the tendency of getting unnecessarily hungry. The number one solution here is to sleep. When you’re done for the day, just sleep. Don’t tempt your mouth or your stomach either. BUT, if you really have to eat something, keep some carrots and cabbages and nuts handy in advance (smiles). Just make it count.

8. FILL in the gap…………………………….Just know where to draw the line.



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