This Matter of FOOD


We’ve heard it all……….eat this, eat that, don’t eat this or that…and the list goes on.

What exactly are we supposed to eat?

The answer is simple: FOOD.

What is food?

Food is basically anything eaten to satisfy the appetite and to meet physiological needs for growth, to maintain all body processes, and to supply energy to maintain body temperature and activity.

Food is the basic source of nutrients and nourishment for the body.

I guess we can say that anything we eat or drink that does not meet any of the above requirements is NOT FOOD.


Yes, poison.

This is simply because anything that will not do our body good will definitely “do” it BAD.

Anything we eat that is not food to us is poison to us…….I like to think of it that way.

What do you think?

Sometimes, I close my eyes and imagine my digestive system and all the stress it goes through as it digests my meals.

This makes me pity my stomach “as it were”, it also makes me extra conscious of what I eat. Hopefully, we’ll get to talk about the digestive system soon.

Now that you know what food is supposed to be, the ball lies in your court; FOOD or POISON?

The choice is yours & the consequence will also be yours.

When you eat good food, it will definitely show, and when you don’t……let me note here that too much of anything is not good.

As good as GOOD FOOD is, too much of it will be BAD.

A close colleague of mine while I was an undergraduate was not really a fan of lotions, creams, powder and all sorts of feminine muses but she loved to eat good food and YES, she always had this healthy glow.

Food or poison, the choice is yours.

Let’s have a CHOICY week, yeah……a week of deciding whether it’s gonna be food or poison.


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