Foods You Can Eat Before Bedtime to Lose Weight


You should be aware by now that eating late at night contributes negatively to your weight loss effort.

By being late, I mean any time after 8 pm.

And you know what?

It gets worse when you don’t even eat the right type of food for weight loss.

Or it is right, but it’s in large quantity (overeat).

I hope I could understand how you feel.

What might lead to large consumption of food, even if right and healthy for weight loss?

After your lunch, you never took any evening snacks or create time for that.

And in the process, you felt very hungry that end up and get you tempted to over eat.

You ate it at the wrong time and you can’t even exercise to burn it off because you feel weak and tired from the day activity.

But who has time for a snack?

You may think.

Even though you have time, it is not frequent like the lunch you have daily.

The reason is this, if you always have your evening snack, it will not make you feel so much hungry that, in the later evening or night, you will not be tempted or crave to overeat which might become your habit.

What happens when it becomes your habit?

No result…..

You will start complaining that it doesn’t work out, whereas you have been following the wrong path.

It will lead you to consider quick fix it drugs or supplement which will not give you the permanent result you want.

That’s double problem

Though, I will acknowledge it might not be easy to avoid late night dinner for especially 9-5 workers in addition to the chaos and problem of getting home to cook and eat.

But you still have to fashion a possible way out and not dwell in this predicament of late night eating.

Or you will lazily accept it as habits and lifestyle, and gradually, it will be telling on your health.

I know you don’t want that.

And, as for some who prefer not to eat dinner at all and harbor this mindset, that’s absolutely a wrong move.

It is better to eat little rather than not taking anything till bed time.

Thus, for a late night meal, a carbohydrate food is highly discouraged.

It causes a great rise in insulin level which contributes to fat storage where it can’t keep processing the food any longer and your metabolism which helps in fat-burning will be low at night.

So, eating food rich in carbohydrate is a disaster.

Instead, go for slow digesting food such as food rich in proteins which supply your body with a steady flow of amino acids throughout the night to help you recover from exercise if you are doing it and maintain your calorie-burning lean muscle as you lose fat all over your body.

Animal and marine foods are great sources of protein (this exclude red meat) such as chicken, turkey, and fish which digest slowly and have a very low insulin release.

These protein food sources also promote the release of another hormone (glucagon) which assists the body in breaking down stored carbs and fat within the body which are easily burned off as energy.

Green vegetables are another food group.

Though green vegetables do not contain protein and virtually no calorie but they are rich in fiber and other vital nutrients which make your tummy filling with minimal quantity.

Just make sure your night meal is light, experiment and create a nutrient-rich balanced meal with sources from vegetables, protein, carbohydrate, and little healthy fat which will make up the minimal quantity of fewer than 100 calories.

Foods such as popcorn, fruit salad, vegetable salad, pepper soup, low-fat yogurt are ideal kind of food for bedtime and even dinner.

And remember in the morning, breakfast is very compulsory to start your healthy daily activity.

For more, buy weight loss made simple and start practicing the act of eating to lose weight.

All has been made so easy to learn and practice.

In addition, try not to eat close to your bed time. It can cause a sleeping problem, acid reflux and indigestion.

Do you have thoughts? Then, leave a comment.

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