5 Nigerian Foods That Burn Fat Fast


If you like to burn more calories without vigorous physical effort or dabbling into the work of counting, be rest assured its possible and what you need are relatively in your kitchen.

There are some Nigerian foods that boost your metabolism: the rate at which you burn fat fast by utilizing energy to carry out various activities such as watching your favorite movies, jogging and every form of activities that keeps your body active including the digestion of food; they all involve energy consumption.

With this consumption process, you will burn more calories much faster.

With food digestion, there are some kinds of food that energy your body utilizes during food digestion which is tagged “The Thermic effect of food”.

It works in a way whereby, when you eat these foods, energy (calories) derived gotten from the food will be used during the digestion process, thereby, resulting in overall fewer calories after digestion.

These foods work their heart so hard during digestive process to the extent, they end up consuming or burning more calories and if you’re on a journey to weight loss, these kinds of foods will be helpful.

#1: Tea


This is rich in antioxidants that help detoxify the body from free radicals; therefore, it helps with weight loss.

A study carried out in Taiwan discovered that people who drink at least 1 cup of green tea, black or oolong tea per week tends to notice a reduction in their body fat by 20 % and 2 % from tummy fat compared to those who don’t drink tea.

The study done without emphasis on the kind of food people ate their level of physical activities and other habits.

Nevertheless, they produce as a result. This further affirmed that drinking tea can help with fast metabolism and good for weight loss.

#2: Fish

salmon fish diabetics

Another great food that burns fat fast is fish.

You might already aware of health benefits of fish especially, for the heart.

Likewise, fish contains Omega-3s which helps with muscle-building.

The more muscle you can build, the higher your metabolism will be and therefore, you will burn fat faster. Muscle consumes more calories to maintain and keep strengthening it to extent that, when you are sleeping, your muscle is burning more calories.

An example of fish rich in omega-3s is tuna, sardines, and salmon.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn 24/7.

#3: Vinegar

apple cider vinegar_fatloss_flatbelly

Vinegar is rich in properties that fight fat.

Arizona State University did a study which involves adding 2 teaspoons of vinegar to a meal and it discovered that; postprandial glycemia (the process where foods to break down into glucose and distribute into the blood stream) was reduced.

In addition to the study discovered, this made it possible through a potent property called acetic acid which food to break down slowly into glucose and, distribute it content slowly through the body.

When this happens, you will feel full for long.

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#4: Beef

goat meat weightloss ieatndrink

Despite fish and chicken are very popular with good names as a weight loss food, beef is also good.

The reason is of amino acid leucine which helps with building and maintaining muscle which is a great factor to weight loss.

Beef deserves to be on this list because it takes a time to swallow due to proper chewing and while the chewing process is going on; your tummy is taking it time to process the food, thereby not eating too fast.

The food process increases metabolism by 30% compared to carbs of about 10%. Thus, you will be burning more calories during digestion.

#5: Hot peppers

signs good health wellness_ieatndrink

Hot peppers such as Chili and Cayenne boost metabolism with their digestive process.

A study carried out at Purdue University confirmed this.

They discovered that people who add one-half teaspoon of cayenne into their food tend to burn fat compared to those who don’t.

These are foods that help in burning fat fast even during their digestion thereby consuming part of the calories already taken.


Image Credit: BuzzNigeria

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