For the Late-Night Eaters That Want to Lose Weight

You’ve had a hectic working day, dash out around 5 or 7 pm, heading home to have your dinner and deep rest.

Or you’ve not even decided yet what to have for dinner which might be worse as you’ll start eating any lovely things at sight without seconds of thought before the proper dinner gets ready.

Perhaps, you’ve decided to reach out to that eatery, where you end up eating your normal junk food which keeps adding to the excess fat.bedtime eat_ieatndrink

But with a family, you don’t like having your dinner outside your home, in whatever case, by the time you reach home to prepare and get your dinner ready, it’s already late, perhaps 9 or 10 pm.

Dinner is a compulsory meal because you’ll feel hungry at this time, perhaps highly hungry if you don’t have lunch or proper lunch for the day.

But eating dinner late at night can be wrong and not healthful especially after 7 pm if you want to lose weight.

This is one of the lifestyles that makes you keep adding fat, never to lose them after many efforts and yearning for a result.

How can this happen

If you always feel hungry at night after dinner, or you can’t eat a light meal and feel alright for the night till daybreak, then something must be wrong with your eating habit.

Maybe you’ve been skipping breakfast?

Some have cultivated the habit of skipping breakfast for personal reasons but a health-conscious person like you, who believe in the facts and science shouldn’t do that.

If you want to lose weight, breakfast is compulsory.

After night rest and planning for the day, you need the energy to keep you functional, so having a proper breakfast is healthy.

The same goes for lunch, so by the time you want to have dinner, you won’t feel too hungry even if the situation warrants you to eat late like getting home at night.

During inevitable days where you couldn’t have breakfast and lunch or either of them, such days shouldn’t spark your brain to eat a large meal but eat till you feel lightly satisfied for the night.

Studies have shown that eating late at night can hamper your efforts at losing weight.

When you eat late like 9 or 10 pm, this increases your blood sugar and it increment rate depends on the type of meal you’ve eaten especially if it’s heavily composed of refined carbohydrates such as white rice and etc.

And this excess blood sugar that forms too quickly is what gets converted to fat and gradually, it keeps building-up till it becomes uncontrollable and it can result in diseases.

In fact, some refine carbs get digested (broken down) so fast to the extent that before you know it, you’ll start craving for another food to eat again in the dead of the night.

In addition, a guest speaker at the 4th Allure Vanguard Women on Wellness (WOW) seminar, Dr. Oladapo Ashiru, a Professor of Anatomy and Reproductive Endocrinologist gave a warning that foods eaten after 8.00 pm were essentially poisonous to your body.

His remark: Any food eaten after 8.00 pm is poison, as the intestine shuts down after 8.00 pm. You should try to eat before 8.00 pm to avoid accumulation of undigested foods that are harmful to the organs.

He went further saying, you should strive to eat dinner before 8.00 pm, to maintain good health and avoid undue strain and stress to your digestive system.

You should eat slowly, chew well and drink water 30 minutes to one hour after meals to aid food digestion in its real state as water dilutes the nutrients.

His remark: People often violate the rules of the body when they do not follow the law of nature. While it is natural that foods eaten should not go into the digestive system, swallowing our foods straight without chewing deprives the food from being broken down.

Nevertheless, eating the right meal even when it’s already late can still help you lose fat and have a healthy weight.

Don’t think because it’s already late, you shouldn’t eat.


Eat the right type of dinner, let it compose of unrefined or minimally processed carbs.

If you can’t get unrefined carbs, let the refine carbs be small in quantity; then add more of protein and some fat.

Another factor that causes late-night eaters not to lose fat and get healthy weight is, you don’t have any compulsory physical activity to do other than relax on your sofa, watch TV, engage in magazines or surfing the inter-webs till you hibernate and eventually sleep.

Thus, you’ll literally be slowing down your metabolism and your body will have the easy route to store the excess glucose you were to burn through exercises and physical activity as fat.

You should understand this as some of the major contributors to your excess fat and it’ll get worse, the fatter you’re, the less likely you’ll want to engage in strenuous physical activities.

It’s better you start working on it now before you literally can’t carry yourself up again.

Quick Tips for Eating Late & Still Lose Weight

1. Always plan your dinner for the day.

Which is why it makes sense to have meal timetable, something you’ve written for yourself, can tweak anytime as you feel and approved by a certified nutritionist.

Do weekly shopping, prepare your dinner for the day and freeze it. For the Late-Night Eaters That Want to Lose Weight

But where electrical energy is a challenge in your community, then seek alternative means.

It’s not that worse with lame excuses few people have told me, this is one of the challenges they face in eating late and they end up devouring junks instead.

I can’t figure out the best alternative but there is.

It’s better you prepare your dinner fresh, something light for the night and always eat your dinner 2 to 3 hours before sleep.

If you reach home by 9 pm, before 10 pm, you must have eaten your dinner and by 12 noon, you can sleep.

Just don’t sleep too soon immediately after your late-night eating because it can cause acid reflux and indigestion.

Use that period to perform your exercises, sweat it out, shower and you can finally hit the bed.

2. Don’t eat too much because you don’t need it even if you’ve to perform your exercises for the night.

3. Always eat breakfast and lunch and if possible, snack up between them.

late_night_eating_ieatndrinkThis helps you not to eat large meals because your brain will be telling you to eat much as you’ve skipped meals for the day but it’s wrong and will sabotage your weight loss efforts which will end up turning into an unconscious habit.

4. Always add unprocessed carbs such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, lentils, oat to your meal.

5. A healthy dinner shouldn’t make you feel hungry again for the night, at least 2 hours before you sleep and it should make you exercise well.

Make sure you eat a healthy meal which is a combination of unrefined carbs, protein, and fat.



Now, you don’t have an excuse for not losing fat when the situation warrants you to eat late at night.

I hope these explanations and tips will help you strive and stay committed to losing fat. The end result will be highly beneficial for your health.

Stay fit, keep healthy eating lifestyle. 

What’s experience about late-night eating …. … your challenges?

How did you curb them or intend to?

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