3 Surprising Health Benefits of Gaming: Infographic


Diet has an incredible influence on your health. As they say, 80% of being a healthy weight is to eat the right foods, regardless of how much exercise you do.

However, what you might not know is that playing video games can have a positive impact on your health in a surprising number of ways.

Firstly, the brain is the largest muscle in the body, and gaming, as it turns out, can give it a workout.

This is because gaming can strengthen the areas of the brain that are responsible for spatial awareness, motor skills, and planning.

As well as this, gaming can improve memory, improve wellbeing, and provide a sense of catharsis for those suffering from stress and anxiety.

Secondly, gaming can also help those who are ill to recover. For example, studies have shown that those who have undergone trauma or have recently been operated upon are able to recover more quickly if they play video games.gaming_seniors2

As well as this, those who have faced a significant trauma, for example, a serious car accident, are less likely to experience flashbacks to this event if they play video games.

Finally, gaming can also help your physical health.

Exergaming, the name for video games that you play by controlling the action with your body, have been growing in popularity in recent years, with titles such as Wii Fit and consoles such as the Xbox Kinect showing gamers just what is possible in the field of gaming.

Some have speculated that exergaming may replace the gym as the main form of exercise for some people in the next couple of decades, and the National Institute of Health, the reputable institution of science and learning, has expressed real excitement and hope about the ways in which exergaming can affect health, and the potential for using exergaming for reducing modern epidemics such as obesity.

The message is clear: maintain a healthy diet, and play video games!

To find out more about the positive effects of video games, check out the infographic from our partners at Computer Planet.


Click the image to view it in detail.


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