How to Improve Your Heart Health at Home and Work

You don’t want to lose sight of ways to improve your heart health at home, at any point during the day, especially at work, sometimes that can happen. For example, you might have to work through lunch, which means you might have to skip a meal entirely or grab something fast (and not necessarily any good for you).

Or you might not be able to get up and move about as much as is good for you because you’re cranking away on something that’s due.

Listen, it happens. Every so often, work calls and you must answer the duty.

But it’s when these one-time situations turn into a consistent pattern that you might want to take a closer look at your heart health, especially as it relates to your time in the office.

It’s not just that millions of Americans—92 million, to be exact—have some sort of heart issue or background that begs attention. It’s that Americans, as a whole, need to work harder on heart health.

So what can you do? This graphic explains it all on how to improve your heart health, both at home and work.








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