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I’m Ruth, a lover of all things good and healthy; this for me includes keeping fit and looking good. For me, keeping fit used to be a case of start and stop, pause and start, pause and stop……and the likes. But this time, I’m in it for real.


I started working out officially on the 21st of October and I’ve not looked back since then; exercising, eating all SORTS of GOOD things, sleeping well (yes, SLEEPING TOO)(I check my weight every week). I don’t want to be thin, I CANNOT (#smiles). I just want to be healthy, which I CAN. . I’ve progressed from being a chubby 71kg to a healthy 66kg.

For some, this might be slow, but for me, it has been steady and gradual; not the “long neck” weight loss, but the gradual one, which I believe is the best.

You may have questions…WHY? How? Which way is the best?

Hopefully, you will all find answers as you go on. But first, why do you want to lose weight/keep fit/ stay healthy and all these. What’s your inspiration?

I want to be the healthiest, finest & “bestest” version of me, and staying healthy is one of my many means. My inspiration keeps me going, especially when I want to give up.


Let’s have an inspiring week.


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