Inspiration Series 2


Hello friends,

I’m back. I’m hoping we all had an inspiring week and a splufic weekend.

Today started on a good note for me because two friends joined my jogging team this morning.

The cool part of it is that we went all the way……and it was so cool.

Back to inspiration; I hope we have all decided on our inspiration.

Yeah….. Your inspiration is necessary.

It’s your PRE-REQUISITE for discipline. Trust me, if there is no reason to do, there won’t be a reason not to do. Don’t just find a reason; find YOUR reason.

So, for me, when I get compliments on how I look and all that, I smile to myself and checklist my INSPIRATION in my head.

And when I see sugar coated mouth watering doughnuts….and chilled soda drinks…..especially these hot sunny afternoons, I remind myself of my inspiration and I keep myself IN CHECK.

I used to love cakes like crazy, yes, USED TO. So I was offered cake yesterday. I did not want to hurt my roommate’s feelings. I also did not want to hurt my inspiration’s feelings too (yea, my inspiration is sensitive…lol).

I simply tasted the dried fruit in the cake, and that was all for me. Once again, let’s find our inspiration so that we can all get our desired grip on discipline.




P.S: While we’re getting and staying inspired, let’s stay healthy. Yeah, we can start by having  a fruity vegetably proteinous week……………..

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