Instant Noodles as a Weight Loss Food


Instant Noodles is gradually becoming or has become a staple food in Nigeria.

Back in my days when I was very young, I can’t remember I ate something that looks thin and long: that’s for the type of noodles that seems like that.

And I was born into a middle-class family,  making it something my family should have been able to afford but, presently, noodles has permeated every home.

Kids love it most and likewise some adult like it.

Its market success as attracted many companies to tap into it and get their own fair share.

Instant Noodles is made from wheat flour, making it a food highly compose of carbohydrate, some proportionate amount of palm oil and salt.

It could have been better off, health-wise if you can be assured of the type of wheat flour used especially, whole wheat flour.

But, I’ve tasted many brands (raw) and they almost have the same tongue feeling which makes me think, they must have made from the polish refine, white colour wheat flour.

Nevertheless, what will make instant noodles a yummy, healthy and weight loss food for someone who is working on reducing his or her body weight and/or craving for a flatter belly is to watch out for its calories content on the pack.

For instance, a small pack with a net weight of 70g has about 340-kilo calories (Kcal).

1 Kcal = 1 Cal

That means: 340 Kcal = 340 Cal

There are some brands, they don’t completely display their calories like the above example, based on it net weight but they prefer to show it based on amount.

For example An amount of 100g = 430 kilocalorie.

If you do the math with it total net weight, let assume 250g, you should arrive at something and have a better understanding of what you’re doing.

And remember, you’re meant to reduce your calorie intake or support calorie of between 1000 to 1500 thereabout daily. This will depend on your daily physical activities.

This will depend on your daily physical activities.noodles_ieatndrink

Therefore, 400 to 450 calories is already gone for the day because, you’ll garnishing your instant noodles with some other ingredients such as vegetables, carrots, and chicken or egg.

Plus, only God knows, the drink you will gulp to bury it to it resting place.

It’s smart of you to indulge in healthy and weight loss food, know their recipes, understand how to cook them the healthy way because; they all contribute to an effective result.

Don’t feel lazy at moving your body, be active. That’s when you will start observing the result.

In conclusion, you can indulge in Instant noodles, once a week.

This is especially true for women as it has been observed to obstruct metabolic syndrome being a processed food.

Most processed foods have these lapses of not being fresh and their natural healthy status has been altered due to preservation.

Instant noodles can serve as a healthy and weight loss food when you indulge once in a while, follow the right path in preparing a balanced and healthy instant noodles meal.




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