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I work at a PR Agency in Lagos and my job requires me never having time to cook even though I am an excellent guy in the kitchen. Anyways, long story short, I had my colleague order me something from this acclaimed restaurant across town.

Guys, their service on that Monday will stay etched in my memory for time to come not only for its bizarre delay and costliness but also for the insipidity of the so-called fired rice and chicken that they brought me. Unspiced, oversalted and generally not anything worth repeating.


Naturally, it was going to take some convincing to get me to order any sort of food anytime soon.IMG_0761

But then roadside chips and bottled drinks don’t do any much good in terms of health benefits, plus the fact that no sooner have you had them than you are looking out for something else to feast on, to ease the tedium of hunger and all that.

It’s funny. Such times have you yearning for a proper restaurant with at least a drop in customer KobisFresh_Ieatndrinksatisfaction and pocket friendliness in its operations if nothing else. I mean, when you’ve been served some repeated dose of dead flavorless meals at crazy rates, what choices have you, though?

Anyway, a mutual friend sent me the Kobis restaurant inquiry hotline and I rang to see if they were worth anything one could bank on and, o’ my, it blew me off the first time I called and they came through for me.

In this day and age? Amazing stuff! Amazing rates! Finger licking good! Those are the only expressions I can come up with regarding what I was served on that first day I placed orders.

Upon further inquiry, I got to know of the Kobis brand in-depth and it interests me knowing that they are a local brand with a global approach to rendering services. Little wonder they are this good. They deliver some delightful appetizing affordable meals that are best experienced than talked about.

Awesomeness! At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before the Kobis brand entrenches itself in our restaurant industry as one of the finest, local restaurants out there today with a world-class approach to service delivery and consumer satisfaction.

It’s only a matter of time, a very short time actually. There isn’t a shade of doubt about this.

Kobis Restaurant…..committed to a healthy meal.


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