Recipes: Garlic, Lime, Ginger drink


Natural drinks or beverages are the best form of drinks to indulge in for our body system. 

They are handy and homemade. You have optimum anti-oxidants and an energy booster.

It prevents you from stroke, cholesterol, diabetes, heart, lung, kidney diseases.

It helps with liver related diseases and other internal organs ailment.It helps with weight loss, by detoxifying the body which serves as a foundation to a permanent weight loss and is highly beneficial for your overall health.

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One of such drink is Garlic, lime, ginger and aloe-Vera drink.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes


*5 Garlic
*50 cl Lime
*5 Ginger
*1 long and large stem of Aloe-Vera
*50 cl Pure honey
*50 cl Grape
*50 cl Orange

How to Prepare it:

*Open up the Aloe Vera stem and scrape the gel into a bowl.

*Peel the Ginger and Garlic.

*Then put the Aloe Vera, all the Garlic and some of the Ginger into your blender first.

*Add some Lime Juice then blend.

*While blending, remove the blender cover and pure the remaining Lime Juice and then add the remaining Ginger 1 by 1 until everything is in the mix and blending.

*Lastly, while the blending is still going on, pour the honey into the mix.

*Leave for another 30 seconds for everything to be fully blended and mixed together.

Pour the mix into a 1.5-liter bottle and keep refrigerated(frozen).

NOTE: If you have peeled Egusi (Melon) before, then you can peel the Garlic the same way by squeezing sideways to remove the skin or in Pidgin English….the ‘kander’.

Shake well before you take your 1 shot or 3 tablespoonfuls every night and always keep refrigerated. I take it 3 times a week, morning and night. Morning on an empty stomach before brushing the teeth and at night before sleeping and as usual, I brush my teeth at night because of the smell.

Do not be bothered about the offensive odor of the Garlic and the bitter taste of the Aloe Vera.

The combination of the Ginger, Lime Juice, and Honey will neutralize them and you will probably wonder if the Garlic and Aloe Vera are actually in the mix.

The Ginger and Honey also act as a preservative to make the mix maintain its taste and potency throughout until you finish it.

Though, the drink is relatively bitter since it is not a juice that you can gargle.

I always gulp it just like drugs and it is worth taking it every morning after brushing the teeth or before taking your compulsory breakfast. You can take it before sleeping at night as well.

Make sure you give it a try to make it your daily drink.




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