How to Lose Weight with Drinks


Drink… the act of gulping liquid is so crucial that everybody can’t do without it.

If you feel tired and weak and you’re presented with the option of food to eat and water to drink, you’re more likely to go for the drink first.

Your body needs to be hydrated for it to functions properly, that’s why you need water.

Your body is highly composed of water and if you devoid it, you won’t feel comfortable and your brain will start yearning for it.

  • Drinking water makes the kidney functional. This organ flushes every toxin from your body and to achieve that, it needs consistent water

  • It helps with the lubrication of the joints,

  • It regulates the body temperature,

  • It helps with proper transportation of the food and;

  • It helps proper brain functions and many great benefits. The importance of drinking water is enormous.

As weight loss is your interest, you might be wondering what kind of drink you can be consuming apart from the core potable water; as a male, 3 liters has been recommended while 2.2 liters for female.

You can generate abundant calories from drinks beyond what you can burn for the day especially if you’re ignorant about them.

Thus, you’ve to avoid drinks that are sugary because they contain so many calories and perhaps harmful chemicals which all impair your weight loss journey.

Most drinks can be prepared from vegetables such as the green and peppermint tea, kale, spinach, lettuce, the green leaves and etc. From fruits and spices such as watermelon, lemon, cucumber, pineapple, grape, lime, berries, apple, celery, ginger and etc.

Some drinks serve as detoxification most especially, those made from vegetables.

Detoxification is the process whereby you purify your system, your blood and every internal organ from impurities and toxins.

It Is like the way you brush your teeth and keeps it sparkling everyday with attractive breath from all the everyday drinking and eating.

The same act goes for your body. Due to what you’ve eaten, drink, digested, the air you’ve breath in and some impurities you don’t know or unconscious about that have got into your system, some of these drinks help cleanse your system.

So, in the process of detoxing with some of these drinks below, you might experience frequent comfort station visitation perhaps 2 to 3 times a day compared to a normal day depending on the quantity you had.

Don’t feel scared or afraid of your health, detoxification is what is taking place.

Some people practice healthy eating, exercises well and regularly but they are not feeling and seeing any changes with their weight.

There might be an improvement but they still feel they are adding more weight despite healthy eating and exercising.

This might be as a result of missing the foundation to weight loss, which is detoxification.

9 Drinks Recipes You Can Indulge.

1. Lemon ginger



250-375 ml. water

1 lemon wedge

½ in or 1.25 cm ginger (peeled and thinly sliced)


1)  Boil water.

2)  Place the sliced ginger in a cup or mug, add the boiled water. Squeeze lemon juice into the water.

3)  Leave it for 3-5 minutes and remove the ginger, or otherwise, you can leave it for a few more minutes. It’ll bring better and stronger flavor.

4)  Drink when it becomes warm.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar_fatloss_flatbelly


250 ml water

2 tablespoon Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon

1 tablespoon cinnamon or ginger

1 tablespoon extra-virgin honey


Blend everything till smooth and drink immediately.

Note: For a blended drink, you can preserve it in your fridge to cool don’t let sit for too long. 24 hours is preferable.

3. Ginger tea

It’s better you make your tea from fresh ginger spice but if you’ve strived not to get it fresh, you can opt for the branded ginger tea. Make sure you read it package: no preservatives or sugar. This recipe is designed for fresh ginger.


1 half cup of boiling water

1 half teaspoon fresh ginger root (grated in bits)


1) Add the grated ginger into a cup of boiling water.

2) Leave it for about 10 minutes till it’s warm.

3) Drink it immediately.

4. Kale Shakes



4 leaves of kale or lettuce

Half cup of pineapple

1 cup of coconut water or coconut milk

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon of extra virgin honey


Blend everything till smooth and drink immediately.

5. Green smoothie



1 medium cucumber

1 carrot (small)

2 hands of spinach or green leaves

2 celeries

1 green apple


Blend everything till smooth and drink immediately.

6. Fab smoothie


3 cups of fresh grapes

2 cups of spinach or green leaves

1 half cup of green tea

Half avocado

1 teaspoon of extra virgin honey


Blend everything till smooth and drink immediately.

7. Watermelon cucumber smoothie



2 cups of watermelon

1 medium-sized cucumber

1 cup non-fat yogurt


Blend everything till smooth and drink immediately.

8.  Avocado shakes



1 large ripe avocado

1 cup of diced cucumber

1 lemon

1 small garlic

5 mint leaves


Blend everything till smooth and drink.

9.  Evergreen shakes


1 cup spinach or green leaves

3 bananas

2 carrots

Half inch of ginger

1 cup coconut water


Blend everything till smooth and drink.


These are some of the finest drinks for weight loss. If you can’t get some of the ingredients, prepare your drink with what you have.

For example with the last recipe, assume you can’t get spinach and coconut water, you can still make your tasty drink from the rest of the ingredients.

The benefits of smoothies are enormous and they are very good for your weight loss journey.

a. It helps with proper digestion of food.

b. It boosts your immunity system.

c. It makes your brain perform better thinking with energy.

d. It helps the body to detox well and regularly.

e. It helps with muscle building that makes you feel stronger.

f. It supplies you with great energy for the day and,

g. Finally, it makes your skin shine and bright.

Remember, the cheapest drink for your weight loss journey is potable water.

Always drink water daily.






* Measuring Cup: 250 ml

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