How You Can Lose Weight Eating Rice


In Africa and Asian, rice is one of the most popular food.

Over 3 billion people are estimated to be eating rice.

This cut across many countries in Asia, Sub-Sahara Africa, and is gradually spreading to the United States of America and Europe.

With this popularity and figures, how can you lose weight eating rice because it’s a food that can’t be ignored?

In Nigeria, many delicacies have been creatively developed and become popular among households such as the famous jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, white rice with stew, vegetable rice, coconut fried rice, rice and beans, tuwo skinkafa (a popular delicacy in the North) and many more.

This shows the extent of love for rice.

How The Rice You Eat Get Manufactured   

Rice is a cereal grain. It belongs to the grass species called Oryza Glaberrima and Oryza Sativa.

During harvesting, this food grass is covered with husk.

rice grains How You Can Lose Weight Eating Rice

How You Can Lose Weight Eating Rice

While milling using industrial machines, the husk is removed.

Actually, the husk is useless, its job is to shield the rice during growing season.

What remains after the removal of husk is the bran layers which serves as a cover for the rice kernel, usually brown.

This is what gave birth to brown rice.

But some millers (rice-milling companies) will go further with processing by removing these bran layers, loaded with abundant nutrients and this makes the rice look polish and white.

This is the source of the white rice you eat almost every day and is one of the many Nigeria foods that makes you fat, frustrate your effort to lose weight eating rice if you’re even trying.

The rice bran removed during the milling processing contains vitamins and minerals beneficial for your body.

Example are vitamin E, niacin, thiamin, calcium, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, phosphorus, potassium, chlorine, sodium, zinc and iron.

It’s also rich in dietary fibers and protein, essential nutrients that help with weight loss.

According to Tandfonline, rice bran composed of 6–14% fiber, 11–17% protein, 10–15% moisture, 12–22% oil, and 8–17% ash.

Therefore, if you’ve been eating polished white rice to lose weight, these are the enormous nutrients you’ve been missing out.

Why Rice Bran is Remove During Milling

From investigations, the main reason most millers remove the rice bran layers is that of oil it contained like I hinted in nutrients composition of about 22%.

This has been observed to make rice lose it quality much faster during a longer period of storage for 12 months and beyond compared to white rice.

Nevertheless, this should’ve been taken up as a challenge for growth and development, rather than as an excuse to make quick bumper profits over 3 billion people eating rice every day.

It doesn’t make sense to remove the health beneficial nutrients, thereby producing low-quality white rice while saving your company the grace for a huge profit.Whiterice_greenbeans_plaintain_cucumber

Animals shouldn’t be allowed to eat such or treated that way, let alone humans.

Due to this wrong processing, some millers tend to scam you.

They fortify their low-quality white rice with minerals such as thiamin, iron, and niacin which can never be like wholesome brown rice.

The difference is clear and your conscience is left based on the choice of rice to be eating and lose weight.

Now, there are two major kinds of rice: the brown and white rice.

The latter seems to be in large quantity in our marketplace and of course, cheaper in price but this difference shouldn’t make you avoid brown rice.

Invest your money in eating healthy as much as you can, and you’ll be preventing diseases and ailment such as overweight and fat tummy.

Forget about basmati rice, jasmine rice and other types of rice you might know.

They all produce both white and brown rice which you now understand as a result of the milling.

Nevertheless, Basmati brown rice seems to have more fiber content than other ordinary brown rice, an important nutrient for weight loss.

The Effects of Eating Rice to Lose Weight

Rice is high in carbohydrate, especially white rice.

Though, both brown and white rice contain almost the same amount of carb but white rice belong to the bad carb because it has been refined and processed.

The result: when eaten, it gets digested quickly, thereby increasing your blood sugar level (glucose) which the insulin hormone might likely not absorb due to many factors.

This excess glucose is what gets converted into fat especially if you’ve got the gene.

To some people, their own fat developed around the belly to chest region which is even worst while others, is their whole body.

In addition, when you eat white rice, it makes you feel hungry quickly afterward.

Thus, when you eat again, the fat build-up process repeats itself again.

This makes it gradually to appear like a habit or bad culture, that keeps recycling every time, every day to years.

This is why you should eat less based on what you foresee as daily activity and will feel alright for the day.

Don’t eat what you cannot spend as energy.

In fact, when you eat brown rice, you feel full quickly eating less, thereby not eating much than you need for your daily functions.

You can garnish your brown rice with nutrient-enrich food sources such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, and beans.

Nutritional Value of Brown and White Rice.

A cup of raw white rice (185g) gives you 675 calories:

Nutrients breakdown:

1. Fat – 1.3g,

2. Sodium – 9mg,

3. Carbohydrates – 148g,

4. Dietary fiber – 2.4g and,

5. Potassium – 212.8mg.

A cup of raw brown rice (190g) has 688 calories:

Nutrients breakdown:

1. Fat – 5.1g,

2. Sodium – 8mg,

3. Potassium – 509mg,

4. Carbohydrates – 144.7g and,

5. Dietary fiber – 6.5g.

A cup of rice has already taken a large portion of your daily 1,500 calories.

So, a quarter (1/4) cup of brown rice will be highly preferable.

That’s 172 calories and you’ll be adding other food such as meat, chicken or egg, oil, stew or vegetable soup or stew.

Therefore, brown rice with added nutrient-rich ingredients, good preparation practice will make a great meal to eat and lose weight.

And it’s preferable as breakfast or lunch.

What Makes Brown Rice the Winning Choice?

1. Fiber Content

Brown rice contains 6.5 g of fiber, more than white rice of 2.4 g.

In fact, some white rice has been polished to the extent that it has totally lost its fiber content.

brown-rice_How You Can Lose Weight Eating Rice

Cooked brown rice

Fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer and other related cancers diseases.

Fiber helps with weight loss. It slows down food digestion thereby making you feel full for long, not hungry often and it doesn’t suddenly increase your blood sugar (glucose) level. 

2. Vitamins and Minerals

Brown rice contains a vast amount of vitamins and minerals due to careful processing where it bran layers were never removed.

By eating brown rice to lose weight, you’ll be getting:

1. Manganese: This is an essential mineral that helps boost metabolism and growth.

It’s also a great source of antioxidant for the body.

2. Selenium is an essential mineral that keeps the body system functional.

3. Thiamin is an essential vitamin that helps with the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles, heart and it increases your body metabolism as well.

Read Why Metabolism is Important to Weight Loss

4. Copper is an essential mineral that helps improve the heart.

5. Other essential nutrients of brown rice are Lignans and Feuric acid, and they serve as antioxidants for your body.

My Conclusion

If you want to lose weight eating rice, you’ve to be eating brown rice. It contains more nutrients and health beneficial properties that help you lose weight effectively.

Stop eating white rice from now on and spend that money on brown rice.

In Nigeria, brown rice is the same thing called Ofada rice, Abakaliki or Ebonyi rice. Some called it “our native rice”.

It depends on your locality, if you search and ask around, you’ll find it. For instance, I don’t get my supply within my locality but I had to move a few kilometers like 2 to another market. You can sacrifice the same thing after reading this because you’re more knowledgeable and powerful.

Let me know what you think about brown rice? Some clients told me, they don’t like the smell, that it’s not delicious and sorts of phobia like too costly for them.





Update: I’m not condemning the millers as a few as hinted me.

I was encouraging them to proffer solutions to the storage problem of brown rice.

It’s better than bastardize the grain to the extent, it doesn’t seem suitable for animal consumption.

I’m hoping someone will do it: produce this popular grain on a large scale and store for years for the growing population.

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