How to Lose Weight Using Your Mind

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Every action you have taken started with your firm sincere intention. That’s the power of your mind. Likewise, as you intend to lose weight or flatten your protruding big belly, you have to be sincere in your mind.

Weight loss is not about eating nutrient rich food low in calories and physical exercises, but what is the foundation of eating healthy and being active is paramount. If you don’t start your journey with the right reasons, you might end stuck and you won’t be able to get to your desired destination.

One of the best methods that help start well and feel fully prepared to embark on the journey is to re-program.

You have to change your mind and see it as a way to eating healthy and exercise which are paramount factors to better healthy life.

Won’t you like to understand what you drop into the body, it working processes and result it yield? You can’t be wrong twice to repeat the same processes that produce a bad result. You have to take control and power to choose whatever you want and engage in healthy habits and discipline.

It’s a battle of your mind to stay positive.

Yes, I will be size 12…

Yes, I want to dedicate the rest of life to healthy lifestyle…

Yes, I don’t want to feel stupid for knowingly choosing to follow the wrong path…

That sounds hard, but it’s not.

Self-hypnosis involves relaxing your mind and keeps it open to new ideas.

Be positive about yourself, despite your bad experiences and challenges to lose weight. Believe you will overcome and always visualize yourself with the ideal healthy weight and flat belly, and surely; it will come back to you. You will feel the attraction.

Every habit starts with your intention to do it. Whenever you take the right action, you have this good fulfill feeling that, yes, I am doing it right. You’re truly striving. If you do it again, the same feeling comes up again. You repeat it again and it gradually gets strengthen within your hearts that you like to do it over and over and gradually, it becomes your habits and a way of life.


Weight loss involves changing your old habits of eating and activeness. If you don’t eat breakfast early or not at all, you have to change and stop it. If you eat too late at night, you have to change.

If you eat certain foods that are not meant to be eaten at the certain time of the day, you have to stop it. Your mind has to hungry for learning and ultimately, practicing what you have learned. Likewise, your old physical activities have to be changed. If you like sitting on a chair for long hours or minutes without any movement, you have to stop it.

If you have not been physically and vigorously moving your body, you have to program yourself and start with easy steps. Be affirmed in your mind, this is better health and to healthy, is the best gift.

Avoid old habits takes a month of practice and it deeply begins with the want to make it happen and your want can never be lifted or grow if you don’t open your mind to creative learning and meditation.


Always have the mental picture of the ideal weight you’re working towards. Imagine you are eating healthy, sticking to the right plate, portion, food ingredients and its preparation and that you are exercising.

By visualizing often, it will stick in your mind and find it easier to take the right action.

Reprogram your mind by being positive to yourself with uttering positive words, always practice the new habits and visualize what you want and you will achieve it.

You can have amazing weight loss journey if you change your mind!

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