How to Hack Your Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

How to Hack Your Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

Losing weight is something you can achieve relatively quickly, but keeping the weight that you want to have is more of a challenge.

While fad diets can help you lose pounds in a heartbeat, they usually don’t cause permanent fat loss, nor do they boost your metabolism, which is the key to having a good figure.

With your desire to shed unwanted weight must come with the determination to alter your lifestyle for better and you should strive to adopt healthier habits from the ones that brought about weight gain.

Of course, this is much easier said than done, which is why we bring to you some pearls of wisdom on how you can hack your metabolism for faster and permanent weight loss.

Breakfast of the Champions

One of the worst things you can do to your metabolism is to starve it in order for the results of weight loss to be visible as soon as possible. This is not healthy and it will leave you cranky and unhappy for days on end because you’re lacking the energy to function normally throughout the day.

If you want to have a sustainable weight loss process, it is paramount to eat well in the morning and to eat enough of the right foods every day.

Nothing can replace healthy breakfast, seeing that when you get out of bed, your body has been fasting for the past eight hours, and it needs the energy to get back on track. Having a healthy meal within a couple of hours after you wake up will rev up your metabolism from the very beginning of your day and give it the boost it needs to work optimally.

We’d all love to lose a pound a day, but that is not feasible unless you want your weight to come galloping back to you as soon as you start eating normally.

You Need Some HIIT in Your Life

Nobody particularly likes high-intensity interval training, but if you’re looking to melt away that fat for good, this is a foolproof way to get to it.

Yes, it’s anything but easy and yes, it will leave you panting and gasping for breath, but the results will be amazing. Not only will you be burning a crazy amount of calories, but your metabolism will be increased as well, which will in time cause you to lose more calories during your recovery period.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate interval training into your exercise routine, whether you do it with running or cycling routine, or maybe sign up for a workout program that leaves you no other choice but to go through HIIT purgatory couple of times a week.

You Still Need to Eat


This common misconception that eating as little as possible is the key to losing weight is all smoke and mirrors, not because it doesn’t work, but because it doesn’t stick.

You can’t go on for the rest of your life eating 800 calories a day, it’s just not going to happen, you will get ill and you will feel very bad in your own skin.

As with everything in life, moderation and balance are the key to having a healthy and fit body, so focus on eating foods that are good for you.

Eating clean doesn’t have to be torture, especially if you start paying attention to how you feel after eating right. You’ll realize that you’ve got more energy, you stay full for longer and you generally feel better and less sluggish than when you fill up on highly processed foods.

Surround yourself with lean meats, fruits that will substitute sweets, veggies and nuts that will come in handy as healthiest snacks – pounds will go away and your healthy eating habits will keep them at bay.

Alcohol Be Gone

We can all use a cocktail after a long week of work, or at least our minds need it, our bodies, not so much.

In fact, alcohol as such doesn’t have a lot to offer to our metabolism and it usually doesn’t do much else but slow it down, seeing it doesn’t have any nutritional value, but it still needs to be broken down in our bodies.

The glitch here is that our bodies always prioritize alcohol in a way that it should be dealt with first, before any other food you already have lined up for digestion. This causes chaos in the metabolism and slows it down significantly, after which it takes some time to get it back on track.

Having a couple of drinks from time to time is completely acceptable, just make sure it doesn’t become a habit and do your best not to go for sugary drinks, but keep it as light as possible.

All of the changes we suggested seem simple enough, but when you mix them together, you will see just how different your life and your body will become.

Every fitness transformation starts with changing the way you think about food and your relationship with it and if you play your cards right, you will be proud not just of how good you look, but of how you feel as well.



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