Why Metabolism is Important to Lose Weight

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Why Metabolism is Important to Lose Weight

Hey, you’re already metabolizing reading this post, that’s how important it is to lose weight.

Your eyes as a sense of seeing, the brain for receiving and processing this information to a logical order, and every other process that makes you achieve this single goal for reading, makes use of energy to work properly.

As I’m thinking, working to join words together and make a meaningful clearer sentence that will yield a quality blog post, I’m metabolizing in the process, spending energy to achieve an end result for your utmost satisfaction.

These are examples of metabolism but they don’t consume energy to the extent that you can lose weight, therefore, there is need to have a faster metabolism to achieve your weight loss result.

In this post, I’ll be talking about the tactics and why important metabolism is important to lose weight.

Keep reading as you discover strategies and mechanism for increasing your metabolism.

What is Metabolism

Metabolism is a complex network of hormones and enzymes that not only convert food eaten into energy for you to be active and feel fully functional but, it efficiently burn the energy during internal activity such as the conversion of excess insulin into fat when you eat carbohydrates food.

How Metabolism Affect your Interest to Lose Weight

1. Individual uniqueness

The process by which your body metabolism establish itself affects the rate at which you’ll burn calories and this determines the rate at which you’ll quickly lose weight or keep adding unhealthy fat with no result.

This process is called basal metabolic rate.

Perhaps you eat little in every meal, nevertheless, you keep adding unhealthy weight and whereas someone close by, maybe a close relative or friend can eat for Africa and the worst is, they’re junk food, and he or she still never add weight.

You wonder why!

This is because everyone metabolic rate is unique and this can be influenced by genetics and environment.

I seem to belong to the group with a natural faster metabolic rate and this has given me a slim figure overtime added to the fact that, I’m tall.

I’ve genetic signs and proof.

Though I’ve helped 100s of people lose weight permanently, I’ve been experimenting and working to gain healthy weight as well.

Thus, I don’t eat like an average person, I’ve to define mine for my body.

2. Sleep

Whenever you’re sleeping, your body keeps burning energy to stay functional and healthy.

That’s why it’s wise as you’re on a journey to lose weight, get a quality amount of sleep, at least 6 or 8 hours a day.

It cost you nothing, always plan for it.

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3. Eat healthily

You’ve heard this many times, that’s how super important it’s to your weight loss result.

You’ve to be eating healthy, wholesome unprocessed food with all the basic micronutrients like carbs, protein, fat and they will include some micronutrients element such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Eating healthy helps break down your food into valuable components which will be utilized by your cells and all these consume energy.

If your food is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, it can slow down your metabolism and this will negatively affect your weight loss which is not a good story.

In addition, women in menopause who tends to naturally have slower metabolism should strive to eat healthily and follow other advise as will be stated here to increase it.

How to Increase your Metabolism if You Want to Lose Weight?

1. Always eat a healthy meal for breakfast.

healthy breakfast-Ieatndrink 

This is compulsory. Scientific Studies have shown that people who eat about 55 percent of their daily food as breakfast lose more weight than those who ate less or don’t even eat at all.

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2. Increase your physical activity.

By increasing your physical activity, you’ll naturally be spending more energy which can help build beneficial muscles depending on the kind of exercises you do.

And the more muscle you’ve, the more energy you’ll burn even while sleeping.

This is a great trick to lose weight, stay fit and feel healthier.

3. Always eat organic food.

You know you’ve to eat healthy to increase your metabolism but, be careful with the type of fruits, vegetables, meat and other food you eat.

Some are made with chemical fertilizers, preservatives, pesticides.

They fatten their animals with grains and all sort of unhealthy and inorganic compounds and these can cause slow metabolism.

Watch out for them and strive to know the source of your supplies.

Always go for organic plant and animal food.

They’re richer in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which help with faster metabolism.

4. Adding pepper, hot spices, and chili to your food and smoothie can increase your metabolism.

The peppering hot feeling in your mouth can increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

This is one of what makes swallow food with soup very good for weight loss.

5. Drink a cup of green tea.


Green tea is very good for improving metabolism.

It contains the plant compound ECGC which promote internal consumption of energy in your body.

Many scientific studies have confirmed its efficacy.

Thus, you can have your tea in the office, at home or on the move, is all good but take it warm, it works better that way.

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6. Low-fat yogurt

low fat yogurt Why Metabolism is Important to Lose Weight

Taking skim milk or low-fat yogurt as part of your snack or meal is good for boosting your metabolism.

The reason is, calcium helps metabolize fat and do it more efficiently by getting rid of it as waste.

In addition, probiotic in low-fat yogurt is another benefit. It helps the stomach gut during digestion which metabolizes fat faster thereby consuming energy and at the same time, burning fat off your body.

7. Cold water

ice-cold-water_Why Metabolism is Important to Lose Weight

Ice-cold water can increase your body metabolic rate because of converting the cold water to a normal temperature and this is usually done through heating which spends energy in the process.


To close this post, I believe you’ve understood clearly what metabolism is, how powerful it can be for life existence and I think, it holds the key to secrets of many health problems.

To lose weight effectively, you must have a normal healthy metabolism.

You can understand why eating healthy, staying physically fit and always have a good amount sleep aren’t weight loss recommendations forced down upon you, they’re an effective mechanism and you can feel how they influence metabolism.

Start embracing the change now and fast, and if you’re already, keep it up. Make it part of your life.


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