Okra Soup As a For Weight Loss Food


Okra is a rich vegetable ideal for weight loss and it’s mainly used in making soup especially in Nigeria and is eaten along with pudding food (food made from flour and doesn’t involve chewing but instant swallow and is traditionally eaten with fingers).

Okra soup varies in texture depending on how you cook it and the type I have experience is thick and gummy which I believe inspirational give rise to the alias “lady’s finger”.

This nutritious vegetable pod when ripe for consumption is green, tender and immature. The African okra soup where the vegetable originated from is being prepared by cutting into smaller pieces and it looks sticky while the American type is prepared in its whole form.

Okra soup is a healthy choice if you want to lose weight and be eating healthy.

It’s low in calorie where a cup of okra will give you 36 calories and fiber which helps with slow and proper digestion of food which has effects on weight loss.

A cup of okra soup will give you 4 g of fiber.

Okra is rich in other minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein, folic acid, Vitamin A, and C which have tremendous health benefits.

Okra soup has a low score in glycemic index which makes it ideal by not increasing your blood sugar that can lead to fat buildup and other diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

You can prepare okra soup with 1 or 2 small pieces of fish or meat and use a small amount of palm oil or olive oil. 1 tablespoon of red palm (1 serving) is 45 calories compared to olive oil with 119 calories. Nevertheless, you can use both oil (not at the same for cooking), the calories don’t matter and it will be fine

It’s smart you eat nutritious meal low in calorie. An estimated daily recommended calorie for a female is 2000 while for a male is 2500 and to lose 0.5 kg, you need to forgo about 500 calories per day and to lose 1 kg a week; you need to cut about 1000 calories per day but it is better you opt for steady weight reduction of 0.5 kg.

In lieu of the above explanation, you should know a number of calories you will be consuming daily to lose weight.

It’s will enable you to plan your daily meal and eat to the daily requirement but some weight loss book has resolved all that by making counting calories easier as the food recipes are being designed specifically for weight loss and flat belly.

A serving of okra soup (422 g) has about 93 calories. It contains 3.2g of fat, 6 g of carb, 2.6g of fiber, and 10.9g of protein. Okra soup can be eaten raw; add to your salad, pepper or vegetable stew.

Okra Soup recipe 1 serving


1 cup chopped Okra

½ Red chili pepper

1 Onion

2 tablespoon of Palm oil

1 piece of Stockfish

1 tablespoon of Crayfish

1 teaspoon of Thyme

Salt to taste

Maggi to taste


1. Wash the fish.

2. Put it in a cooking pot and add water.

3. Add the pepper, onions, and salt.

4. Boil for about 15 minutes.

5. Add the okra and stir well until well blended.

6. Add Maggi, crayfish, thyme, palm oil, stir and allow boiling for about 10 minutes.

7. Thus, it will be ready to eat.

You can eat okra soup with pudding food such as pounded yam.

Remember to apply portion control which involves your fist size.  Others are amala (yam flour), eba (cassava flour), cabbage flour, millet and unripe plantain flour.

For weight loss, all the pudding foods above are an ideal choice only if you can eat your fist size and have it as lunch.

It’s better you opt for low-calorie and low glycemic score food such as unripe plantain flour, cabbage, and millet flour if you can get them in the market or source for them whichever way. But if you can’t, you can opt for other option such as the pounded yam and eat it with plenty of okra soup of about 2 to 3 ladles.

This is how okra soup can be eaten as a weight loss food if you strictly follow the instruction.

Thus, include okra soup in your already healthy meal plan or start creating one if you have.

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