How You Can Prepare Pap and Eko as a Weight Loss Meal

Pap is one of the popular Nigeria meals, a semi-liquid food made from corn. It’s also called Akamu or Ogi in the various native languages.

To prepare to pap it as a weight loss meal, the way & processes at which you prepare it, the ingredients you’ll be using along with it and importantly, the quantity you intend eating all play a vital role in making it a great weight loss meal.

You can eat pap along with any kind of vegetable soup, moi-moi, or bean cake (Akara).

For your weight loss and fat-burning meal, I recommend:

1 cup of pap with 2 ladles of vegetable soup or stew. You can add fish if you like. The size of fish should be the size of your palm excluding fingers.

If you’ll be using moi moi, let it be the size of your fist and

if it’s Akara, 2 balls of Akara is fine.

Don’t worry; it’ll be okay that you won’t feel hungry till your next meal.

It calories content depends on how you prepare it, in other not to lose its nutrients during processing and it’s very important you avoid adding sugar.

If you like eating sugar, adding it to your tea, food or any liquid, you must stop from now especially if you want to kill those belly fat and lose weight successfully.

For your sugar instead, make use of stevia. This is better and for the recipe stated above, 1 teaspoon is fine. If you can cut any additive, that’s better for you as well.

You can find stevia at the local market, online stores or large supermarkets like Shoprite and Spars.

A tablespoon of raw uncooked pap contains 91 calories and it’s mostly filled with carbohydrates. That’s why the meal must be supplemented with other meals like vegetable soup with fish and it’s best you prepare it as breakfast.

Eko or Agidi is the solid form of pap and also made from corn. It can also be eaten along with vegetable soup, moi-moi, or bean cake (Akara).

Follow the same recipe as stated above in terms of moi-moi and Akara. As for the Eko, 1 Eko is okay for you and the size length should be the length of your palm and most Eko length are like that. The same goes for the width (i.e.; your palm width).

Don’t cheat by making the width big.

And of course, your Eko doesn’t need stevia or any additive. Nobody does that!

These are simple ways on how you can prepare your pap and eko as a weight loss meal. It’s great for your breakfast, lunch and even dinner since its light.

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