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During pregnancy, you are bound to gain weight because naturally, pregnant-woman-weightlossyou’ll feel the urge to consume more food because of your fetus. In fact, it has been recommended you gain weight. So during this period, eating a healthy balanced meal is very good as it helps your fetus get the best nutrient needed and grow healthy.

What is the Right Weight Gain during Pregnancy?

You need extra calories but by what amount. Experts advised that an average pregnant woman needs about 300 healthy extra calories per day especially during the second and third trimester. This approach and measurement will enable you to gain the right amount of weight which will be healthy and not making you step outside of the boundary.

Anything above that, you’ll be adding excess weight which can have negative effects such as:

1.The development gestational diabetes, which it’s as a result of the body able to produce enough insulin or consume the excess insulin which can further build into fat.

  1. Having congenital heart effects; and

  2. The risk of neural tube defects and other serious health problem.

The required daily calorie for women with age bracket (19 – 50) is 1800 – 2000 for a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is when your day-to-day physical activities involve little to no movement.

2000 – 2200 if you’re moderately active which is measured by a physical activity equal to walking 1.5 to 3 miles per day and 2000 – 2400 is for an active lifestyle which entails physical activity that equals to walking more than 3 miles per day.

If you started your pregnancy journey with a healthy weight (BMI 18 – 25 kg), you should gain weight of 11 Kg – 15 Kg; underweight with a BMI of between 16 to 18.5 Kg, you should gain 13 kg – 18 kg and; overweight (BMI 25 – 30 Kg), you should gain between 7 kg to 11 kg. With this explanation, you should have a better understanding to the extra 300 healthy daily calories recommended for your precious fetus and you. Thus, don’t try to overeat and you can engage in light exercises such as walking and swimming as well.

Expert revealed that pregnant women who either maintain their weight or try to lose it with exercise have fewer to no complications. It has been noticed that such women deliver normal-size healthy babies but this doesn’t mean that it is safe for overweight women o lose weight. Best advice is to seek recommendation from your doctor for proper examination and don’t forget to keep proper oral hygiene at this time.

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