3 Quick Tips to Get Rid of Arm Fat


A flabby arm can make someone lose confidence and abhor low self-esteem. You might not be able to wear your favorite cloth. Can’t go the beach or that pool party. It makes every opportunity seems on the loose.

Don’t feel negative or depress, because you’re not the only one. Arm fat is a condition whereby there is an excess fat, soft-like puffy on the upper arm. Some are so excessive that, when they lift up their arm to pick something, it looks flabby, shaky and swinging forward and back.

It doesn’t look good, likewise, it’s unhealthy. It’s likely to happen as you aged especially after 30 years. At this age, you tend to feel less active and if you haven’t been eating healthy, it’ll culminate and get proven.

You’ve to get rid of the arm and inclusive, back fat with certain measures. With consistency and practice, it will become easy and a lifestyle. Remember, the goal is for better health.

How does the fat get started and building to that flabby stage? One of the major causes is low testosterone hormone which is paramount among women. This has been observed as a signal to arm fat.

When you’re always feeling stress up, you don’t exercise your arms by lifting heavy objects sometimes, when you devoid yourself of good amount of sleep, you take birth control pills and use cosmetics that contain parabens; these can all aggravate to low-testosterone and one of the best solutions as you might felt, is to act the opposite, do what seems right.

Therefore, how will you get rid of arm fat?

1. Change or check what you consume daily

Stop consuming too much sugar or sweet substances. It’s highly better if you can stop it absolutely and watch out for result during the journey.

Not only will you stop feeding your guts with sugary foods and sweet that add no nutrients to your body, you’ve to start eating healthy and balanced food on a daily basis. Add more vegetables, fruits, and fish to your meal for example. Reduce the way eat carbohydrate food. Don’t let carbohydrate be the major part of your meal.

For example, a small portion of brown rice with plenty or relatively equal amount of vegetables and chicken or an egg will ideal. Always make use of healthy fat cooking oil such as canola oil, coconut oil, olive oil or palm oil and remember quantity is crucial.

Always drink water after every meal or during snack time. Eat whole bread and whole grains and exclude the refined carbohydrate. Eat fewer calories of food. Ensure you check your timetable and give it a past tense.

2. Exercise plays an important role in getting rid of arm fat.

These physical activities will work out your upper arm towards your back. Therefore, as you strive to keep to healthy eating, you must practice your exercise along with it.

Some of these exercises are:

a. Arm punch



This is a physical body weight activity that involves the art of throwing punch laterally forward from your shoulder without resting on your body.

To do it: You bend your knees a bit, as against standing erect and thrust your hand forward like throwing a punch. You’ll repeat this act to the other arm. You can use dumbbells of 1 kg for a good start and be careful to avoid an accident. If you don’t have one, you can use bottle water filled with sands or heavy item that is easy to hold and handle.

b. Dumbbell lateral raise

This involves laterally raising a dumbbell.

In doing it: * You’ll take a standing position with legs a bit wide apart.

  • With the dumbbells by your sides, you’ll raise it up with both arms to your elbow position.

  • Lower it down gently and raise it up again.

You can repeat it with 11 times for the day; gradually move to 35 reps and 50 reps.

C. Incline push up



You can perform this exercise by inclining on your bed, kitchen table or chair that’s firmly fixed.

To do it: * Stand near the object, for example, your bed.

  • Place your hands a few inches wide apart on the edge of the bed and extend your legs backward.

  • Raise your body up and down.

  • Repeat this act many times and you’ll toning your arms.

You can repeat it 15 times, 45 to 100 times.

3. Relax well and free your mind

An adequate amount of rest and sleep helps with getting rid of arm fat. Don’t involve yourself in chronic stress. Chronic stress can lead increase appetite and this could make you eat unhealthy.

Take action on these 3 tips and you’ll be getting rid of arm fat.


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