5 Ways to Get Rid of Fat Belly

The appearance of a fat belly doesn’t look good. It seems puffy with layers of folds that even your cloth can’t even shield from the devouring eyes of people on the street. Not only does it not make you look good and beautiful, it’s absolutely unhealthy and this should be the more reason why you should get rid of the fat belly.

The American Heart Association, National heart, Lung, and Blood Institute gave a standard score for waist circumference. They stated that any waist circumference beyond 35 inches (for women) and 40 inches (for male) are at greater risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other related diseases.

The standard varies among different organizations but the benchmark is that any measurement exceeding 31-35 inches (as a female) or 35-40 inches (as male), you’ve to be serious at getting rid of the fat belly and for better health.

These are 5 ways to get rid of fat belly


What you digest is very important and it plays a contributory factor to your fat belly. You’ve to change your pattern of food and eating habit. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables such as almond, eggs, berries, beans, green leaves, non-fat yogurt, avocados, salmon, apple, brown rice. Indulge in food rich in fiber, protein, and good fat.

Remember to consume fewer calories of food and don’t exceed what you can’t burn for the day. Don’t get tempted into the quick fix-it program to burn belly fat. There is nothing like burn 1 pound in 1 or 2 weeks. It might be effective to you but you’re going to gain it back and even faster because it’s not fat you burn. It takes time as much as 6 to 12 months depending on your body and dedication to get a flat belly and healthy body.

It might be effective to you but you’re going to gain it back and even faster because it’s not fat you burn. It takes time as much as 6 to 12 months depending on your body and dedication to get a flat belly and healthy body.

2. Exercise

Exercising your body has been proven to be effective at getting rid of the fat belly. In the process whereby, you keep your body active for the day, you’ll be burning excess calories and boosting your body metabolism to build muscles which help in fat burning.

Exercises for flat belly are:

Walking: By mere taking a walk to somewhere and not hopping on taxi or your private vehicle will help you burn calories for that time period. Remember, your safety on road path is paramount. If it’s not walkable for the day, you can ignore it.

Jogging: When you run at your own pace, you’ll building your belly core area with the movement of your legs up to down likewise, it has observed to help with bigger and curvy butt. The distance to jog depends on you and your time but make sure you don’t overdo it. When you’re feeling too tired, give it a rest for the day because of individual heart pulse rate differs.

Riding a bike, both motion and motionless can be very good for getting rid of the fat belly.




This exercise involves maintaining a specific position for a longer time. In the case of plank, you’ll have to stretch out your legs, resting on your toes and arms, like being in a push-up position. In this position, you’ll tighten your abdominal area core inward and support such position for a minute or 2, perhaps in the future, you can do more. If you can perform 3 reps, that’s a great way to start.



Here is another type of flat belly exercise that focuses on your abdominal areas. You start by lying down on your exercise mat, keeping your legs at 90 degrees and hands at the back of your head. You push your head forward gradually while you contract your belly region. You can repeat as often as you feel at ease.

Swimming is a good flat belly exercise to do if you have the resources.

3. Sleep well



Getting an adequate amount of sleep contribute to weight loss in general, likewise, getting rid of the fat belly. Research has indicated that not getting enough amount of sleep can lead to gain weight and of course, you might be tempted to be snacking up, adding more extra calories unconsciously than you really need.

Therefore, it’s imperative you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day (out of 24 hours) for better health and result.


4. Drink



What you drink every day contribute to your fat belly. You should drink 2 to 5 liters of water per day. Take some green tea in the morning and perhaps, if you can lay your hands on apple cider vinegar: the mother type; that’s well to go. Just keep drinking your way healthy and to a flatter belly.

5. Sugar


Limit your sugar intake or better, put full-stop to it consumption because it could be tempting to stop with all honesty in your heart. Sugar contains no valuable nutrients for your body and this can be found in many processed foods, drinks and even the sweets you lick at the market place and stores.

How will stop it?

By indulging yourself in a healthy drink. There are some wholesome healthy drinks springing up in the Nigeria market which is a welcome development. If you can’t find any, then, you have to be making your juice. Get your vegetables and fruits and prepare your wholesome homemade drinks. This is far better as you’re in control. You can get my e-book for guidance and knowledge.

Sugar contains glucose and fructose. However, both molecules are important for your body but they are already readily available in a greater amount. The food and drink you eat daily produce glucose all naturally, likewise, fructose. In the process where they become excess, your body cannot process them further and that’s where they start converting them into fat and it keeps building up.

If you’re serious about getting rid of the fat belly, you must get rid of sweet and any sugary substances out of your environment. Start drinking water instead, prepare your own smoothies, go for healthy drinks; there are a few out there in the market and you can get weight loss made simple and learn how to prepare your own drinks.

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