Are You Worried If Fat or Not, Read 5 Signs to Watch Out


Have you been contemplating whether you’re fat or not?

Well, there are certain signs that show you might be.

Some don’t like the idea of being called fat; it’s not a negative or shameful word like you might think. It’s a clarion call to be sincere with yourself if truly you’re getting fat, because, too much of it; is unhealthy for your body.

Your body fat is the relative amount of fat you have in comparison to other components such as water, bones, muscles, tissues and etc.

It’s essential you have it for functionality and energy but where the fat composition gets too much and it keeps increasing, you’re likely to be prone to diseases which are actually preventable if you had maintained a healthy proportion of fat.

It’s paramount you determine your body fat composition, keep watching over it and if you got a hint, you’re getting too fat mantra; don’t regard it as an insult but as a conscious effort to work on yourself.

The Signs To Watch Out For.

1. Can you measure your body fat? If you can assure me of that, then you’re on the right path to determine if you’re truly fat and on the plus size syndrome.

To make it simple and quick, take a visit to a gym center and ask their service to measure your body fat and if you can’t do that due to low-budget or lack of facility, you can do it manually yourself.Caliper_accu-measure

How to manually measure your body fat What you need are:

1. An assistant who could be a friend or spouse

2. Calipers (the plastic are quite cheap and still accurate)

3. Measuring tape

4. Paper & Pen


1. Fold the skin of your tummy (abdominal region) for instance using 2 fingers, pinch firmly together, place and press the calipers on the pinched spot.

2. While the caliper is on the pinched spot for a few seconds, take note of the measurement and record it.

3. Repeat twice again to strengthen accuracy.

4. Repeat the procedure from step 1 to 3 for your chest, thigh, neck, back, and arm (biceps).

5. Using the online body fat calculator; input the result and calculates the percentage body fat.

NOTE: Some calculators give room for only 3 parameters and 3 most area you can measure and get it readings are tummy (abdominal region), thigh and neck. Examples of online body fat calculator are a free online calculator and weight trainer.

Watch this Video on How to Measure Body Fat Using Caliper

Standard Body Fat Percentage Chart

 Class Women (% fat)  Men (%fat)
 Essential Fat  10-12%  2-4%
 Athletes  14-20%  6-13%
 Fitness  21-24%  14-17%
 Acceptable  25-31% 18-25%
 Obese  > 32%  > 25%

Whatever result you get, if you belong to the obese class, that’s drastic. You need to lose fat in no time. Likewise acceptable class is not truly an acceptable range you can settle for but strive to be in the fitness class. That’s the optimum healthy fat and if you like, you can settle for athletic class.

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Apart from using calipers, other methods of measuring body fat according to leigh peele are bioelectrical impedance analysis, height and circumference measurement, hydrostatic test and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (Dexa scan) which claimed to be the most accurate.

2. Flabby arms, to the back of the tummy. If you’ve started getting folds, tummy forming in layers and hanging arms especially when you raise them up, these are signs of excessive fat and you don’t need them.

Flabby arm ieatndrink

3. BMI measurement: The knowledge of your body mass index (BMI) can give you clear signal as to whether you’re fat or not. BMI is the measurement of body fat using your weight and height only.

These are the standard BMI classes:

a. Underweight: <18.5

b. Normal weight: 18.5 – 24.9

c. Overweight: 25 – 29.9

d. Obesity: > 30

To calculate your BMI, there are some websites that can do that. All you need is to input your weight and height.

Some of them are BMI calculator and NHS calculator.

4. If you have not been conscious of what you eat, and not physically active by exercising; you might be prone to being fat. In simple terms, it means you’re not watching your weight and with such affirmation, you need to understand yourself if you’re fat or not.

5. Waist circumference: You might not be fat but your tummy to your waistline region might be big. Research has shown people with big fat tummy are prone to high risks of diseases such as cardiovascular and heart diseases than those with overall overweight.

Thus, the American heart association gave their standard measurement for what they termed a fat tummy as a waist circumference above 35 inches (for female) and 40 inches (for male). Some other health organizations set their standard between 31-35 inches (for female) and 35 – 40 inches (for males).

So, if you measure your waist circumference and you’re within any of these ranges, definitely, you must accept you’re fat and start working towards losing the excess tummy fat for health sake.

I hope with these 5 signs, you don’t have to feel worried and confuse whether you’re fat or not. Implement 2 or more these tips and determine if truly you’re fat and if your guess is true, there are solutions nearby. There are abundant resources you can digest and you can register for this coaching program.

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