Signs You Need to Lose Weight


Are you thinking whether you need to lose weight? Many people have this same thought but the right thinking should be “do I really need to lose weight?” If you accept this, we are on the same page. There are signs you should watch out that gives clear signals you need to take your weight seriously.

Firstly, if you are overweight with body mass index (BMI) of 25 and beyond, that’s a clear sign you need to lose weight. Likewise, if you are obese, serious weight care needs to be given to losing the excess weight off because, studies have shown that, it leads to great health problems and you don’t want that. Prevention is always better that cure.

Secondly, another sign you should watch out for is if you have been advised to do so, either by a medical practitioner or acquaintances such as your spouse, fiancé or family member. These set of people can’t lie and advise you wrongly especially, a medical practitioner because this is her career and it requires great reputation and efforts which they can’t play it.

When you are advised to lose weight, don’t accept it as an embarrassment because if you accept, you will downgrade your esteem. You should act with full control over your life. No one can dictate or determine anything for you but, we all have improved our life by listening and learning from one another without any force but with innate decision-making. Thus, when advised to lose weight, exercise full control to think over it especially, when you feel you can start the journey and be precise, be honest and firm about the time.

Thirdly, if you noticed over time your clothes are no longer fitting your body shapes like the waistline and neck, this should be a clear sign you are adding excess weight which might be unhealthy.  Truly, you might add weight in the healthy state bracket but you need to be observant and make sure, it’s not getting to and beyond overweight bracket.

Lastly, if you are fond of some activities such as playing soccer, climbing the staircase and even jumping as difficult, and they weren’t like this; thus, you need to think about it perhaps it is as a result of your weight. You might be very active at doing such activities very well in past but suddenly and over time, you get tired and weak too often as result of your weight; this is a clear sign you need to lose weight for better health status.

If you are familiar with these signs, you need proper checkup and health advice to determine, if truly, you need to lose weight and if you have been given go ahead, don’t waste time but start your journey to weight loss.

Wish you success and effective destination on your weight loss.

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