5 Simple Daily Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight More Easily

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Are you trying to lose unwanted weight, but cannot tell which habits are the most effective? While weight loss sounds like the result of a strict diet or long workout sessions in your local gym, experts argue that small changes made to your habits which become your lifestyle could significantly promote weight loss and management.

The decision to lose weight and stay fit is just but the initial step of your long and complicated journey. While it is not relatively easy, you can lose weight quickly if you make the right minor adjustments to your daily habits.

In this post, I share with you the most straightforward tips you can use every day to lose weight quickly and achieve your dream physique. Enjoy!

#1. Make Healthy Breakfast a Priority


How healthy is your breakfast? Does it help you to save on calories and promote weight loss?

Breakfast should be about eating right to give the body the needed nutrients to kick-start your day. Such breakfast is lean in fiber and protein. This ensures that you stay satiated for the better part of your day.

When you feel satisfied, you are less likely to savor every unhealthy snack you see because your appetite and cravings are restrained. Such a breakfast is the solution to making healthy food choices throughout the day.

You may also start and end your day with a cup of green tea.

Why Is Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Green tea improves weight loss. According to research, the assumption that green tea is abundant in the catechin antioxidant content which is known to trigger increased metabolism is justified. An increase in the metabolic rate means increased caloric expenditure which subsequently forces the body to burn more fats. This leaves you fit and slim.

Research published in the International obesity journal mainly holds that epigallocatechin gallates have positive weight maintenance and weight loss effects.

Therefore, you need to drink green tea before any meal in the morning, and before getting to bed regularly. This habit will improve your weight loss outcomes.

#2. Exercise Regularly


When was the last time you walked to and from work? How often do you jog in the morning? Remember, diet alone won’t give you the desired weight loss outcomes. It is crucial that you combine a low-calorie diet with adequate physical exercise if you intend to lose and manage your weight.

When you exercise frequently, you help the body to burn more calories. The trick to weight loss through exercise is getting to expend more calorie than you consume. While training is effective in weight loss, aerobic workouts have been shown to yield better weight loss since they are an excellent way of burning more calories.

Do you confuse weight loss exercise with strength training which entails lifting heavy weights or completing difficult tasks? Equally, exercise must not last considerably long for it to be fruitful.

The University of Copenhagen holds that aerobic exercise lasting for as little as thirty minutes can potentially yield effective weight loss results.

Therefore, your morning jog or your walk to the office could be all you need. Simply put, adopting a lifestyle that encourages your whole body movement could promote weight loss up to 3.6 kg in ninety days!

#3. Guzzle Water All Day Long

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How often do you drink the recommended amount of water, or you only drink water when you are thirsty?

Even though the body is made up of pretty brilliant systems, it equally experiences slip-ups. At times, you may have unsustainable hunger pangs, but all the body could be needing is some water. Remember, hunger is often caused by thirst.

Before realizing this trick, you could be snacking heavily thinking you were hungry. This leads to eating more calories which lead to more weight. Therefore, when you feel hungry, try drinking some water, and you might resolve thirst hunger and thereby reduce your calorie intake.

Indeed, research justifies that drinking half a liter of water ahead of any main meal reduces your hunger significantly. This, in turn, reduces your calorie intake to promote weight loss.

However, you might not drink enough water if it is plain. In this case, you can use a fruit infuser water bottle. A fruit infuser water bottle is easy to use and can be conveniently carried around to ensure that you have your drinking water with your anywhere. Add your favorite flavor from herbs, fruits, and even veggies, and you won’t wait to be thirsty. You will find yourself sipping from time to time, and this will help you reach your daily hydration goals.

#4. Clock a Minimum of Seven Nighttime Sleep Hours

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There are lots of stuff keeping us awake into the night. You could be preparing what your kids will carry to school tomorrow, clearing some office work that you carried home, or simply too worried about the busy schedule for tomorrow. What about that new episode of your favorite TV series? But still, nothing beats the health benefits of good nighttime sleep.

Adequate sleep is one of the simplest approaches to weight loss. When you sleep enough, you help to keep in check your appetite leptin and ghrelin hormones. When these hormones are balanced with adequate sleep, your appetite is controlled, and you tend to eat fewer calories.

Research shows that chronic deprivation of sleep is a risk factor for such diseases as diabetes and, most importantly, obesity.

Stop worrying about career and family to the extent that you lose sleep. Having enough sleep makes you more productive, and raises your chances of success.

#5. Eat Three Veggie Servings Daily

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Consumption of veggies is the new diet trend. The Harvard University nutritionists recommend that three servings of veggies daily can help you in your weight loss.

Veggies are essential in achieving body detox. They also serve to kick-start your metabolism as well as to boost natural processes of fat oxidation.

I love spinach and broccoli for their rich fiber content. These veggies make me fuller faster and for longer. Therefore, I tend to eat fewer calories.

However, you must be keen to keep at bay veggies rich in starch. Some of these include peas, corn, and potatoes which will aid weight gain. For weight loss friendly veggies, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, and scallions are a great place to start.


The process of weight loss can be approached in different ways. Certainly, this feature has not exploited them all but has covered some of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy. Staying hydrated, drinking green tea for its antioxidants, getting adequate sleep, and eating healthy weight-loss veggies are recommended ways to lose weight easily.


Written by: Amelia Johnson


Amelia is a writer/editor with an endless passion for bringing a lot of useful and trustworthy information to the community. She founded stayhealthyways.com, a blog dedicated to sharing quality articles related to health, nutrition, fitness, and beauty. As a typical introvert, Amelia is a perfectionist in work. At times of leisure, she reads, listens to music, chats with some close friends and walks with her pet.

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