The Effect of Sleep on Weight Loss

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Many people don’t know the vast benefits of having quality time in sleeping as it relates to the effect of losing weight.

For you to lose weight one of the acts you’re required to be doing is to be having an adequate amount of sleep and if you lacking in it, it can lead to weight gain.

study was carried out to find if there is any relationship between sleep, stress, and effectiveness of weight loss and the result shows that, there is a relationship. It was discovered that people who are having less than 6 hours of sleep per day are not only hampering their journey to weight loss, they are ridden with great stress.

Another study carried out by the American thoracic society in 2006 revealed that women who slept for 5 hours every night gain more weight compared to those who slept 7 hours more each night.

How do they come about this result?

Leptin and Ghrelin are hormones in your body that act as checks that control your feeling of hunger and feeling full.

If you deprive yourself of adequate hours of sleep, this causes the hormones to be less in your body system, thus, leading to increasing in hunger and you’ll feel the high tendency to eat more during the day and night.

Thus, fewer hours of sleep affects your metabolism which is a number of calories you can spend (burn) in a day with physical activity and sleeping increases metabolism but where it’s lacking, it reduces the metabolic rate which tries to save some energy (by not burning calories) since you are awake for longer period, thus this obstructs your weight loss journey.

In addition, cortisol levels (a stress hormone) is released in your body when we spend more hours awake.

This result into more hunger feeling, more fat deposition into the body and the worst part is, cortisol-induced fat retention is concentrated around the tummy area. Inadequate hours of sleep interferes with our body natural ability to metabolize carbs and this lead to higher insulin levels in your body, more fat storage, and tummy fat.

To lose weight, you need an adequate amount of sleep, at least 7 hours of sleep for the day.

No late night movies because this might even lead to late night snacking. In addition, good exercising at night might aid sleeping. When you work out at night before sleep, you’re likely to sleep off a few minutes to an hour after, even sleeping longer hours and have better sleep.

Make sure you plan your day well to accommodate adequate hours of sleep and you’ll feel the result on your weight loss.

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