How Suya Can Be Cancerous and Preventive Measures to Watch Out


The World Health Organization (WHO) declared eating 50 g of processed meat such as Nigeria suya can cause colorectal (bowel) cancer.

Nigerians received the news with distasteful, though a University professor had made such claim, and it went relatively unnoticed.

He expressed eating suya has a strong relationship and exposure to the risk of developing cancer.

He explained further what makes suya cancerous is its preparation.

Healthy preparation plays an important role in healthy eating and your weight loss meal.

He said: “During preparation of suya, the meat is cooked over an open fire, and oils from the meat undergo chemical reactions that produce toxins that are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in nature.

Meat cooked over open flame often causes the formation of toxic compounds known as Heterocyclic Amines, HCAs which are carcinogenic compounds.

The more well-done meat is cooked, the higher concentration of carcinogenic HCAs can form”.

From what I understand, you know quite alright meat and chicken contain fat and oil, the more they’re exposed to an open flame, and the more it will develop and absorb these carcinogenic substances such as HCAs and PAHs.

What the Professor expressed has been confirmed by the National Cancer Institute.

National Cancer Institute stated that researches show that high consumption of well-done, fried or barbecued meats was associated with increased risks of colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate cancer.NigeriaSuya

A laboratory test conducted using rat confirmed the development of tumor in breast, colon, liver, skin, lung, prostate, and other organs.

The Professor, however, advised that adding foods rich in antioxidants such as vegetables, onions, and ginger, red and black pepper will reduce the oxidative process likely to cause cancer.

In addition, these are preventive practical measures that will limit the HCAs and PAHs formation during preparation.

They are:

1. During preparation, reduce direct exposure to flame and cooking time as much as possible.

This helps reduce the HCA and PAH formation.

To maximize this practice, make the meat or chicken leaner (1-inch width or lesser) and strip off it fat and oil completely as possible as you can.

2. You can boil the meat before exposing it to the flame. This helps reduce exposure time and HCAs formation as it gets done quicker.

3. Keep turning the meat over and over every few seconds till it gets well-cooked than leaving it for a longer period.


Healthier preparation practice like slicing the meat or chicken in tiny pieces will make cooking faster within 9-15 seconds and this appears relatively to be the practice of Nigeria suya.

This makes Nigerian suya quality but it’ll be better when sellers are adding rich vegetables (cucumber, carrots, red pepper, ginger, onions).

So, despite the fact suya can be cancerous; with preventive measures, it will be minimized.

Remember to eat moderately.

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