How Unripe Plantain Makes a Weight Loss Food

How Unripe Plantain Makes a Weight Loss Food

When it comes to plantain, I guess it’s only the fried type you’ve eaten.

And this makes it one of the foods that increase unhealthy fat, especially if you fry it using the wrong ingredients and cooking procedures.

The quantity and time of eating also matter even when prepared the right and healthy way, it’ll UnripeCookedPlantain_ieatndrinkkeep adding unhealthy fat to your body.

But if you decide to know the right practice and process, fried plantain can make a weight loss meal and you won’t feel deprived of this delicacy.

Unripe plantain is usually green when fully grown, rich in minerals, nutrients and moderate in calories which makes it a perfect food for your weight loss.

250 ml cup of mashed unripe plantain contains 304 calories and 18 g of fat; and this comprises of 11 g monounsaturated fat, 2 g of polyunsaturated fat, 4 g of saturated fat and 0 g of trans fat.

Thus, the fat that can hamper your weight loss efforts is low which are saturated fat and trans-fat, which is non-existent and with an added value of moderate calories of about 310, it makes it alright for a normal meal.

Minerals and nutrients composition of unripe plantain-based on 250ml cup size are:

Sodium – 348 mg

Potassium – 837 mg

Magnesium – 55 mg

Carbs – 19 g

Dietary fiber – 10 g

Protein – 18 g

Vitamin A – 7%

Vitamin C – 17%

Vitamin B-6 – 15%

Calcium – 9%

Iron – 8%

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With such nutritional composition and value, no doubt, unripe plantain makes a fabulous weight loss food whether boiled or converted into flour and eaten as swallow pudding meal (ogede amala) which can even replace some high in starch.

Unripe Plantain Flour as Weight Loss Meal

1. Though unripe plantain flour is rich in fat, the unhealthy fat is low when compared to the good fat. In addition, you need fat for energy.

So, this makes you not to feel hungry which helps your body absorb the nutrients.

2. Unripe plantain flour carb content (31 g per 100 g) is moderately alright when compared to the likes of garri (88.3 g per 100 g) and amala (51 g per 71 g).

Thus, it’s making sense.

3. Unripe plantain flour contains fiber which promotes healthy digestion, makes you feel Mags Plantain Seller Raw -ieatndrinkenergized for long (gives you fewer worries about feeling hungry too often).

4. Unripe plantain flour contains a good amount of protein which is essential for your body cells, re-building and repairing tissues which include muscle and skin.

5. It contains magnesium for strengthening your bone and prevents cardiac diseases.

6. It contains potassium which is an essential mineral for building cells; helps control heart rate, blood pressure and it reduces too much sodium in your body.

This makes plantain flour very heart friendly and if your heart is healthy, you will be able to perform well in bed.

7. Unripe plantain flour is gluten-free, so it won’t pose a threat during digestion like wheat flour which contains gluten and some people are digestive intolerance of it.

8. Unripe plantain flour is great for preventing kidney and bladder disease.

9. It contains other essentials minerals your body need to lose weight such as iron, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, and folates which is very good for pregnant women.

I want you to embrace unripe plantain either as boiled or flour (amala) as one of your weight loss food because, like you might think, it tremendous nutrients and qualities abound.

Start cultivating the habit of eating unripe plantain weekly and see how you’ll lose weight and experience improve health.

Let me know what you think.

Have you started eating unripe plantain weekly which i guess you should? Then, how do you like, boiled or flour (amala).


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