Top 5 Worst Foods You Must Avoid to Lose Weight

the worst foods you should avoid to lose weight

The Worst Foods You Must Avoid to Lose Weight

You know excess fat is bad and unhealthy.

Whether it has spread over your body or it got stuck in your belly, yet to spread, this doesn’t speak for your well-being and beauty.

The fact remains, you feel so cool and good about it because you’re highly functional and healthy. Perhaps you’ve had strange health symptoms that deserve careful attention but you’re careless about it.

You don’t bother to investigate further, go see a doctor because you think, this is minor and not consistent.

Whatever your case, you’ve to take your health serious which includes your weight.

Excess fat makes you highly vulnerable to diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many other diseases compared to someone who has low fat or underweight; though less risky and unhealthy as well.

You’ve to lose fat seriously and get to the level of an optimum healthy weight suitable for your body.

You’ve to avoid foods that will never help lose fat and weight, no matter how much you try to eat and exercise well.

This article is about the worst foods you must avoid if you honestly want to lose weight and they’re: refined sugar, fat and oil, carbohydrate food, alcoholic and fruits drinks.

Read on as I explained them explicitly.

The 5 Worst Foods You Must Avoid to Lose Weight

1. Refine Sugar

the worst you should avoid to lose weight sugar

This is made from sugar cane which has been highly processed, which composes of glucose, fructose, and galactose.

Sugar is the worst food that can happen at your effort to lose fat.

You can get it from drinks, snacks and almost every meal you eat.

So, how can you escape this empty-calorie because It depends on you because you can?

How Sugar Affects your Effort to Lose Weight

Do you know you’re already getting enough glucose which is a by-product of sugar from foods that’s highly filled with carbs which make up the average daily meal for many Nigerians and every nation?

Is it bread in morning, to swallow pudding food such as pounded yam, fufu, eba for lunch and jollof rice or white rice for dinner.

So why must you consume more sugar with all the excesses you’ve already had for the day and night?

When you eat food and drinks that contain a lot of sugar, this gets broken down relatively fast into glucose and fructose and it becomes excessive in your body.

Though glucose is highly useful as a major source of energy, what happens to the excess?

Your body starts storing them as fat especially if you’re genetically suitable to be fat.

Refine sugar makes your blood sugar becomes too much, which increases the insulin that will be released from your pancreas to absorb them up, to keep it back at the normal healthy level but after absorption and there is more left, it starts converting and storing them fat.

The worst case is, if these activities keep re-occurring every time, it can shut down the pancreas, stop it from releasing insulin, and I guess you know what can happen next: this is what causes type 1 diabetes where you start spending huge sums of money to buy insulin injection.

Sugar is Addictive and Can Make You Eat So Much Unconsciously

You can get addicted to sugar because I was, so you’re not alone.

But the best way to stop or reduce it completely is to understand how useful sugar can be for your body (indirectly, it’s useless) which you’ll understand as you read on and this can motivate you to keep it away absolutely from your home, whatever your space and environment.

This is how you can stop eating sugar and anything sugary and gain absolute control over your life, especially what you eat or drink.

Sugar contains no nutrients because it has been stripped away during processing and after so many refinement (that’s the level of its uselessness).

It does no good for your body but can build more problems by it deceptive sweetness.

When you eat sugary food and drinks, you’ll always feel like eating more and you won’t observe this because the hungry feeling will always be there.

Why will you find it easier to eat 2 to 3 cup of ice cream of about 700 calories in total and still feel not satisfied but a healthy breakfast or lunch of about the same calorie or even lesser will make you feel fully satisfied and energetic for the day?

It’s because of the high sugar content in that ice cream and it likes.

Sugar increases the hunger hormone: ghrelin, especially if it contains more fructose which is likely to be found in refined sugar, thus, making you eat more, adding more calories and fat subsequently.

And don’t think and give the excuse you can eat little.

No way! You can’t control it.

Many Scientific studies have affirmed that it causes dopamine activity in your brain like the way cocaine and nicotine users get addicted.

You’ll begin to love it to the extent you’ll feel like; your day is never complete without it.

It has this sense of pleasure that makes you feel happy without conscious thinking, despite its negative consequences on your weight loss.

Therefore, sugar is addictive and uncontrollable.

If it’s within your space, you’ll be tempted to eat it and even more of it.

By mere listening to the word “sugar” from your spouse or friend can send signals to your brain to want it and eat it again.

That’s how powerful sugar can be.

But you can discuss this with your partner or roomy; let him or she know you’re committed to losing these fat or belly fat for good forever, so he or she should keep sugar out of your sight and never mention the word sugar near you.

These strategies work and it can help you’ve greater control over what you eat.

2. Fat and Oil

Fat and oil that contain trans-fat, saturated fat which has been highly processed with high calories are unhealthy for you. Examples can be hydrogenated vegetable oil, butter, and margarine.

Saturated fat increases bad cholesterol level (low-density lipoprotein: LDL) in your body.

Though cholesterol is absolutely useful for the body. The Worst Foods You Should Avoid to Lose Weight- cooking oil

It helps in building the essential hormones that make your body and cell function properly but when it becomes too much, it makes the arteries that transport blood to the heart narrow and this causes blockages which can cause stroke, heart attack or high blood pressure.

Therefore, always make sure your cholesterol is at the normal level, that’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

The good cholesterol level (HDL) will always be reducing the bad cholesterol level (LDL) in your blood arteries thereby reducing risks to diseases.

And you can only increase your good cholesterol level (HDL) by eating healthy fat and oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat; oil rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Example of such fat and oil are made from olive, flax-seed, rapeseed, coconut meat, palm fruit, peanut (groundnut), walnut, soya, and avocado.

In addition, when cooking, avoid your oil getting smoky and always fry at a lower temperature.

Remember, you only need a small quantity of healthy fat or oil to prepare your meal, avoid snacks and junk foods made from unhealthy fat.

Always read product labels and ingredients and don’t forget, when going for that medical checkup again, ask for your cholesterol level as well: demand you want to know the ratio between your LDL and HDL.

If HDL is greater than LDL, you’re fine but if otherwise, you’ve to make changes to what you eat for health sake.

3. Refine Starches / Carbs Food

If your food is highly composed of refining carbohydrates, then, you’ve to think again about your journey to fat loss because like I hinted in my first point about refine sugar, if your meal contains too much refined carbs, this will spike your blood sugar and you won’t see any changes in your efforts to lose fat.

Truly, most Nigeria food are highly dense in refine carbs, the worst foods you should avoid to lose weight carbnevertheless, let your first choice be the unrefined carbs.

We’ve unrefined carbs such as the popular Ofada or Abakaliki rice; these are locally grown wholesome rice which is usually brown in color.

They taste good and importantly, rich in minerals and vitamins, for your weight loss.

We’ve whole wheat bread, usually brown in color as well, rich in nutrients and right for your fat loss effort.

Just replace those white color foods (evidence of essential nutrients being stripped and polished) such as rice, pasta, bread for the brown color.

Other unrefined Nigeria carbs foods are the highly wholesome root crops such as sweet potatoes, yam, cassava, coco-yam, unripe plantain flour and much more.

To lose fat, invest in unrefined carbs, and if they’re relatively not available in your locality especially cities, make sure the refine carbs content in your meal is small.

Don’t avoid or starve yourself of food because you’ll be adding more problems.

You’ve no choice, as you’ve to keep eating but at the healthiest level possibly available.

4. Alcoholic Drinks

the worst foods you should avoid to lose weight.alcohol
I heard a rumored story about a club owner who died of diabetes.

So sad, but Imagine that, living in space where there is free booze, free booze every couple of minutes.

You wake up in the morning every day, even before your morning ritual, free booze.

No wonder, some western developed countries are the most affected with excess fat diseases, because foods are plenty and very cheap even for the low-income earner compared to Nigeria or many countries in Africa.

Though, the same scenario is beginning to play in Nigeria where people can afford to buy and eat plenty uncontrollable for fun.

Only, if they know, food is not for fun.

You should eat to live healthy, feel energize and functional for your daily purpose and activities.

You should perceive food as drugs being prescribed by your doctors.

Take this in the morning, afternoon and night.

It has specific quantity, how you should take it and the time you must take it.

Is that process funny?

It takes a mind filled with knowledge that has self-control and discipline to make the right choices and say stop eating or fill the plate with the right amount because you might end up eating it all.

What Makes Alcohol Wrong for your Weight Loss?

1. They’re made from refined carbs

Alcoholic drinks are far from being wholesome, they’re highly processed from carbohydrates substances as well which it increases insulin in your body that ends up storing them as fat when it can’t cope further in its absorption, destroying your effort to lose weight.

Alcoholic drinks are high in calories; empty calories that don’t make a meaningful contribution to boost your metabolism to lose fat.

2. It hinders food digestion

In addition, alcoholic drinks work in a manner that, your body first process the drink for long hours before coming back to the food you’ve eaten thereby slowing down your metabolism which doesn’t make you burn fat.

3. It makes you eat a lot

If you’re not careful and uncontrollable, you’ll have gulped 7 glasses without knowing the count because alcoholic drinks seem to digest rapidly and it makes you eat a lot afterward: more calories added and perhaps, the wrong kind of food for fat loss.

4. It affects your level of reasoning and thinking

And while you’re drinking for fun, you’ll hardly think about the impact it might have on your body and health as it affects your brain: the cognitive center of your body.

Who knows? You drink every day, thrice or more a week and this has become a habit.

5. It can destroy kidney and liver

Alcoholic drinks cause yeast digestion where it weakens your stomach lining and makes food not to digest properly, destroying your efforts to lose weight in the process.

This weakness in the stomach also affects the kidneys and liver as well which break down food substances including fat and process toxins which can make them non-functional.

6. It weakens your energy

Alcoholic drinks reduce the level of testosterone in your body and when this happens, your metabolic rate to lose fat will be low.

With low testosterone, you’ll not be gaining muscle mass which further doesn’t help you lose fat.

Thus, from all these indicators, you must avoid drinking alcohol for your weight loss to be effective.

But if you’ve got the power and self-control over your life, there is a second chance.

Can you gulp a cup of glass or two of beer or wine for the day, especially beer because it contains less alcohol with fewer calories?

Nevertheless, better avoid alcohol absolutely, if you can’t control your drinking habit.

5. Fruit Drinks

Fruit and carbonated drinks such as juices are another worst drinks you might be struggling with and you must avoid them to lose weight. They contain sugar and preservative chemicals.

Watch out for ingredients while shopping especially those with no sugar added or rather invests in making your own fresh fruit smoothies and you can prepare them in bulk to last for 2 to 3 days and froze them.

In Conclusion

These are the top worst foods you must avoid if you honestly want to lose weight.

I know you might find it hard to stop but you’ve built yourself, make a greater effort. If people around are doing it, you can as well.

You’ve to avoid food that contains sugar no matter the amount even if small, this includes drinks and snacks. You’ve to replace your carbs with unrefined and the same applies to alcohol: drink less, drink responsibly.

If you can practice these: stop eating sugar, eat unrefined carbs, healthy fat and oil with protein with physical exercises; you’ll observe improvement in your weight loss.

Let me know what you think about this post.

Which food did you find challenging to stop and if you’ve stopped, share your helpful experience on how you were able to stop it?

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